Stop The Climate Stupidity

This is a presentation by David Archibald. Here are some of his conclusions:

  1. Yes the world has warmed and this was mostly due to the highest level of solar activity for 10,000 years. Most likely outcome is that we return to the climate of the 19 th century.
  2. Carbon dioxide is tuckered out as a greenhouse gas and its effect from here is minuscule.
  3. The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere got dangerously low during the last ice age and the higher we can take it, the safer the world will be.
  4. There is no scientific reason to switch away from coal and other fossil fuels.

Just one of the many charts in the presentation:

Read the full document: [PDF, 5 MB]

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Global Warming is Nothing New

by Roger Dewhurst

  • There was the First Atlantic Warm Period about 7750 BC
  • Second Atlantic Warm Period about 7000 BC
  • First Saharan Warm period about 5800 BC
  • Second Saharan Warm Period about 5000 BC
  • Egyptian Warm period about 3200 BC
  • Sumerian Warm Period about 2200 BC
  • Minoan Warm Period about 1200 BC
  • Roman Warm Period about 0 BC
  • Mediaeval Warm Period about 1000 AD
  • Modern Warm Period about 2000 AD

All the warm periods prior to the current one have been warmer (in most cases substantially warmer) than the modern warming that we are having hysterics about.

There have been five significant Little Ice Ages scattered between these warm periods.

If you can explain how man-made carbon dioxide was the temperature driver for these events please go ahead and tell me.

Until you do there are, for me, better explanations, principally the magnetic field of the sun.

Roger Dewhurst

Roger is a retired geologist who spent much of his life studying climate history written in sedimentary rocks.


The Darling River Fish Kills



Why has the MDB Plan Failed?

by Ron Pike

As we watch the disturbing daily images of a dry Darling River, parched Menindee Lakes, millions of dead fish, and outback towns without drinkable water, both bush and city are screaming – Why?

Who is responsible they ask? Name the scapegoats and brand them criminals is demanded.

Any lesser response would be shameful, but some reactions, while understandable, are not rational.

Before we look more closely at why and how these unacceptable events have occurred, we need to put to rest some misconceptions about this river and recent claims made by some aboriginal people that the Darling was previously a “Mighty River” that always flowed.

It wasn’t. After discovery by English explorers Stuart and Hume in 1828, history kept at Menindee tells us it was bone dry there at least 48 times up to 1960 – something that no doubt also happened for hundreds of years before.

The paddle steamer NILE on the dry bed of the Darling River, near Bourke, about 1898. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository

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UN Global Pacts

The Global Pact for the Environment
Yet another ‘non-binding’ UN global pact upon which to base UN controlled global laws begins its journey through the UN system, supported by the Australian government.
Graham Williamson
January 2019

From January 14th-18th UN member countries met in Nairobi to begin negotiating the details of the Global Pact for the Environment. Initially agreed to by the Turnbull government, now being supported by the Morrison government, environmental activists, legal experts, and globalists, are hoping the Pact will address ‘gaps’ in global law, and eventually result in binding global laws which will enforce the provisions of the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Climate Change Agreement. There is even a suggestion that these laws be made ‘non-regressive’ or irreversible, irrespective of scientific or democratic considerations.

Image acknowledgement:

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Big Oil Fuels the Climate Campaign

William Walter Kay BA LL B

Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.” E. Hoffer (1967)

Big Oil is a driver and beneficiary of the Climate Change campaign.

(“Big Oil” herein refers to eight Western-headquartered multinational oil and gas companies: ExxonMobil, BP, Shell, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Equinor, Eni and Total.)

Big Oil is conflicted about the Climate campaign which, after all, began as a petroleum phase-out initiative. This petroleum phase-out, however, ambles along while the campaign’s coal phase-out sprints forth. The main consequence of the coal phase-out, i.e. the switch from coal-fired to gas-fired electricity generation, has already blessed Big Oil with a trillion dollar windfall; and is only half completed.

Big Oil braces for the petroleum phase-out with investments in bio-fuels, multi-fuel service stations and electric vehicle charging points.

Big Oil companies and associations explicitly endorse the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) hypothesis and laud the Paris Climate Agreement. They play crucial roles in promulgating CAGW; and they are the chief lobby compelling implementation of CAGW mitigation policies. Continue reading “Big Oil Fuels the Climate Campaign”

Man-Made Wildfires

by Viv Forbes

Carbon dioxide must be an almighty gas – it gets blamed for almost every human disaster.

Now we have the alarmist Climate Council blaming bushfires on carbon dioxide and global warming. Focussing on the wrong problem is doing more harm than good. It is disappointing to see respected firefighters like Greg Mullins now blaming “climate change” for more and worse bushfires, and now even promoting the misguided Climate Council.

We have heat waves, dry spells and bushfires in Australia every year – bushfires were burning all up the coast when Captain Cook sailed by in 1770.  But today we know what causes dangerous fires. It needs deliberate political mismanagement to create disastrous wild-fires which destroy everything – houses, sheds, fences, wildlife and mature trees.

A good wet season can result in nature building up a dangerously large fuel load. In the past this was usually removed safely by many small fires lit by lightning strikes, aboriginals, graziers or foresters. Today massive fuels loads are too often allowed to accumulate for more than one season in forests, reserves, parks and around suburbs. Then one match or spark on a windy day can produce massive fires.

Image acknowledgement:

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The Green Gardens of Eden Totally Destroyed by BAD BUSHFIRE POLICY

By Anonymous

If a tree burns in a forest does anyone care?

1,000,000 hectares of land was burnt in the Central Queensland bushfires in November and December 2018.

To put that in the Qld Labor Party’s preferred unit of measurement – that’s 2 million Suncorp stadiums.

The majority of the area burnt was national park or in what is classified as “remnant” vegetation. “Remnant” vegetation is basically State-sanctioned national park on privately held land.

105 individual fires burnt from Mackay in the north through to Bundaberg in the south. That’s 600km of bush fires.

One fire burnt so intensely that it destroyed the Eungella National Park – a wet tropical rainforest. Scientists say it will take hundreds of years to regenerate. 1000’s of years of biodiversity – gone in a large, black, hot, plume of smoke.

The Premier of Queensland and her sycophant followers claimed that the fires were caused by climate change and had nothing to do with their ideologically driven vegetation and national park policies. Continue reading “The Green Gardens of Eden Totally Destroyed by BAD BUSHFIRE POLICY”

Forget Paris: 1,600 New Coal-fired Power Plants are Planned or Under Construction in 62 Countries

Here’s a small sample of how many coal plants there are in the world today.

    • The EU has 468 plants building 27 more for a total of 495
    • Turkey has 56 plants building 93 more total 149
    • South Africa has 79 building 24 more total 103
    • India has 589 building 446 more total 1036
    • Philippines has 19 building 60 more total 79
    • South Korea has 58 building 26 more total 84
    • Japan has 90 building 45 more total 135
    • AND CHINA has 2363 building 1171 total 3534

Here come our AUSTRALIAN politicians that are going to shut down our 6 remaining plants and save the planet!!

Source and read more:

Keeping Heat Waves in Perspective

The Great Heatwave of 1896 by Dr John McLean.

This heat wave has the dubious honour of being the hottest EVAH.

From the document:

South-eastern Australia’s 2014 heat wave in perspective

“Anything under 110 [43.3C] is now beginning to be looked at as contemptibly cool.” – 1896

In January 2014 parts of south-eastern Australia experienced a sever heat wave. For several locations the heat wave started around January 11 and lasted about a week then with just a few days pause returned and extended into the first week of February. Temperatures in Melbourne exceeded 40C (104F) on four successive days during the first period and temperatures were lower during the second period. In contrast Bourke, in northern New South Wales, experienced 21 successive days above 35C (96F) and seven successive days above 40C (104F) in the second period.

As hot as these conditions were they were still lower than during January 1896 when a hot spell gripped New South Wales.

Read the whole document: [PDF, 370 KB]

Global Warming Catastrophe (Song)

by Travis T. & the Missing Heat

This is a song adapting a poem from Clive James. The song is sung monotone, because failed doomsday global warming is just plain boring, and a boring subject for a song. The brass section is supposed to sound like someone laughing. And lastly, my name is derived from a famous quote of the climategate emails.

Source, lyrics and acknowledgement: