Thanks for your interest in The Saltbush Club. Apologies for the delays that have occurred in accepting new members. We are new to this game and have been overwhelmed by the number of people writing often long letters with heartfelt support and asking how to join. We used to send personal replies to each one but we have got too far behind, so individualised replies will have to wait a bit.

This was a largely unplanned venture that has grown like topsy. We represent a group of concerned Australians who have come together to bring some bi-partisan sanity to the climate/energy/infrastructure debate. We are skilled in science, engineering, business and life but just learning how to be political agitators. We prefer to be doing other things, but feel compelled to help change public opinion and influence political priorities.

An introductory note on The Saltbush Club is here:

And the Saltbush platform is here:

If you support these goals, we invite you to join the group. Will you please allow us add your name as a member of “The Saltbush Club”?

(“Membership” will not involve you in any more work or cost than anything you are prepared to offer. We need an impressive list of members and supporters who may help us to spread our messages among opinion makers in media, politics and industry).

You can see our founding members here:

You can see supporting members here:

And some of the skills we have assembled:

If you are prepared to lend your name (and we hope you are), could you please give us a short description of your qualifications and career highlights. Please send your information generally in line with this format:

Any Qualifications, degrees etc:
Work history:
Why you are sceptical of the climate scare (as a brief quote).

Make sure you include qualifications or experience that gives you some authority to have an informed opinion on climate science or politics, energy or infrastructure priorities or the politics of climate alarm. Please feel free to add a sentence on your main concerns. But please limit phone calls and text messages.

But if you wish to be a member, but fear that public exposure may damage your business or employment, we already have a “Silent Members” list – these people will get reports from us but their names will not be made public by us. Send bio anyway so we are aware of your skills and experience.

We would also greatly appreciate suggestions for other appropriate members you may recommend. We will keep you fully informed and do most of the work if you can just lend your name.

We have not set a membership fee, but people have asked how to contribute. We can supply bank details.

To join, send an e-mail to: (If this does not create a pre-formed e-mail then please use the format above.)


Viv Forbes
Executive Director