Would You Ask the CSIRO or the BOM for Reliable Information about Climate Change?

Dr John Happs

By Dr John Happs

Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) started life as the Advisory Council of Science and Industry in 1916 and has long been respected for its innovations in science, such as the Hendra vaccine, Barleymax, polymer heart valves, WiFi, insect repellent, to name just a few of its outstanding achievements – (https://csiropedia.csiro.au/our-top-10-inventions/).

Unfortunately, it appears that the CSIRO is fast losing respect when it comes to reporting on climate science with problems starting some time ago when a number of CSIRO scientists actually praised the climate alarm nonsense that was kick-started with Al Gore’s discredited movie An Inconvenient Truth.

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Has CSIRO Passed its Use-by Date?

Letter to the Western Australia Chief Scientist, by Dr John Happs

10th February 2022

Dear Professor Klinken

I would like to respond to your talk on ABC radio (9 th February 2022) in which you appeared to promote the idea that the planet is warming as a result of anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions, resulting in a number of climate-related extremes.

Now retired from academia and consulting work, I have respectable qualifications in the geosciences (M.Sc. 1st Class; D.Phil.) including climate and paleoclimate and feel confident about providing opinions in these disciplines. Additionally, it is always prudent these days to add that I have never been employed by, or have had any financial interest in any energy provider. Perhaps of more significance, I have followed, with increasing concern the climate change debate and politicization of the issue since the inception of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in 1988.

Despite the media parroting the false impression that most scientists support climate alarmism, the vast majority of scientists do not.

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Electric vehicles might be okay for suburb hopping in big cities, but I doubt there is a farm in Australia that would be able to run without any petrol or diesel. The Greens’ calls to ‘rapidly transition to electric vehicles‘ for their net zero economy by 2035 shows they have no clue of the energy requirements in transport, industry and agriculture.

Following is Malcolm Robert’s speech to the Australian Senate:

Watch an Aussie Politician Squirm as Malcolm Roberts demands Evidence Climate Change is a Problem

Eric Worrall / September 1, 2020

One Nation Senator Macolm Roberts

Guest essay on WUWT by Eric Worrall

One Nation federal senator Malcolm Roberts wants a simple answer from the Aussie CSIRO: what is the evidence that anthropogenic CO2 emissions are causing dangerous climate change?

So far, the answer appears to be CO2 is a problem, because other people think other people think CO2 is a problem.

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