Climate Alarmism Is a Cult

Dr John Happs

By Dr. John Happs

The word “cult” comes from the Latin cultus, a noun with meanings ranging from “tilling, cultivation” to “training or education” to “adoration.”

If climate alarmism is based on science, then challenging climate alarmism is also science since that is exactly how science has advanced over the years. However, if climate alarmism is a cult and challenging that cult brings about derision and threats, which it often does, then we know for certain that climate alarmism is a cult and is not based on scientific methodology and facts.

Although there is no general consensus about how a cult is different from any other religious organisation, cult members are exploited by fanatics and/or vested interests within the cult who are given to unsubstantiated ideas. Whether we describe climate alarmism as a cult or religion, the end result is the same even though the members come from diverse backgrounds and may join for different reasons with cult leaders looking for control and profit.

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One thought on “Climate Alarmism Is a Cult”

  1. Greetings Dr Happs. The timeline at that website demonstrates the non-linearity of atmospheric CO2 vis-a-vis temperature. The preceding high levels of CO2 before the carboniferous era led to a dramatic increase in plants and these plants sucked the CO2 from the atmosphere. By starving our plants of their CO2 food we are preventing them from removing it. The anti-CO2 ignoramus-alarmists are cheering when they score an (own goal!). Of course, the micro-minuscule amount of it has nothing to do with global heating resulting from solar cycles. I recently read in a 1980s school science book that our nuclear reactor sun does not explode because it expands as it heats and it dumps some of that heat towards us. It’s another solar explanation to consider that’s much better than the scammers’ vapid CO2 story.

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