Coal Powers China (while the west waits for winds to blow)

By Viv Forbes

While the West wages war on coal, hydro-carbons power China’s industrial and military might.

China uses massive amounts of coal to generate electricity, smelt metals and manufacture cement – they generate almost twice as much electricity as the USA, and two thirds of that is coal-powered.

In China, wind power is a token 5% (probably earning carbon offsets from western shysters). But the stop-start power from wind/solar is not allowed to interrupt reliable base-load generators like coal. Continue reading “Coal Powers China (while the west waits for winds to blow)”

Renewable Struggles and Deceptions in California:

By David Wojick

The renewables scam is breathtaking, and not just in California. Nationwide we are spending untold billions of dollars on huge batteries, trying to keep the erratic nature of renewables from crashing the electric power system. But these stabilization efforts are routinely portrayed as storage for when renewables do not run. Stabilization is the opposite of storage. We are being lied to about renewables.

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Groupthink, Pal Review and Climate Fraud

By Dr. John Happs

A little over two decades ago, Dr. Irving Janis, professor of psychology at Yale University, published Groupthink in which he explained how a group of like-minded people could share a common belief or goal whilst completely ignoring any evidence that challenged that belief.

Groupthink occurs when members of a group share a feeling of solidarity and a desire to maintain relationships within the group. Janis pointed out that the “superglue” of solidarity within the group often causes their thinking to be impaired.

Climate alarmism driven by a number of activist scientists, stands out as a prime example of groupthink. The emails leaked from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia pointed to a group of scientists, intent on promoting catastrophic anthropogenic global warming alarmism whilst ignoring evidence to the contrary and defending their climate alarmism at all costs. Those scientists were closely affiliated with the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and therein was the problem.

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Federation Failures

By Viv Forbes

Colonial Australians voted for Federation for four key reasons – Defence, Foreign Affairs, Quarantine and the maintenance of Free Trade between States.

Our Federation is failing in all four areas.

In Defence we send our soldiers into un-winnable foreign wars, and then spurn and short-change the veterans who come back. The media and some top brass have smeared all soldiers because a few have been accused of war crimes (probably while attempting to stay alive themselves). And while the Indo-Pacific prepares for war, we play gender games and climate games instead of war games, and waste zillions on inferior submarines and fighter aircraft.

Our mis-management of Foreign Affairs has given China (our biggest foreign customer) an excuse for a bullying, costly trade war. And our cavalier signing of several UN “agreements” on climate and environment surrenders our sovereignty to unelected foreign bureaucrats, and exports our jobs and industries.

Our futile attempts to lock out viruses that may be able to hitch-hike on migratory birds, bats, traders and tourists have just slowed the normal process of adapting to these pests. Summer warmth may have done more to curb Covid in northern Australia than all the lockdowns.

State Premiers, drunk on Covid-power, have made a mockery of Section 92 of our Constitution (“trade, and commerce… among the states, shall be absolutely free.”) They have driven thousands into bankruptcy, leaving the feds to pick up the tab. With workers kept in paid idleness by state lockdowns and federal handouts, there is no labour for farm harvests.

We should be free to lock or unlock our own homes or businesses. But politicians shut state borders with little warning, even creating locked-down mini-states. Police who should be fighting real crime are checking face masks and patrolling Covid prisons, while soldiers prepare for war against tourists and traders instead of focussing on our capacity to respond to threats in our region.

Our Federation is being destroyed by Centralism, state irresponsibility and green vandalism. The bloated federal and state bureaucracies are far larger and more costly than were ever imagined by the Fathers of Federation. Almost every state function is now duplicated by Canberra. A recent invention, the unconstitutional “National Cabinet”, is a harbinger of yet more centralisation and globalism as the Great Covid Reset merges with the Green Revolution.

We must restore the dreams of federation by:

  • restoring free trade with no bureaucratic locked gates.
  • restoring our industrial capability, based on cheap reliable coal, gas, hydro or nuclear power.
  • repealing all green energy subsidies, mandates tax breaks and emissions targets  and withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement.
  • ensuring emergency supplies of gas and liquid fuels.
  • building a credible defence force and good alliances.

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“Diseases from Space ”- 1979 – Sir Fred Hoyle & Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe. Sphere Books Ltd , 1981

Viv Forbes has science qualifications, industrial and pastoral experience and a long history of observing and participating in Australian politics.

China Loves Coal Far More than Wind

By David Wojick


We have all heard about China building a lot of coal plants, but the central role coal plays in their booming economy is amazing. It is a big reason they are the world’s leading manufacturer. China generates almost twice as much electricity as the U.S. they generate more from cheap coal than we do from all sources. This makes them very competitive industrially. Continue reading “China Loves Coal Far More than Wind”

The Great Green Leap… Backwards

By Viv Forbes

The Green Virus is on a rising curve in the Anglo-Sphere.

Boris, Biden, Kerry, Trudeau, Arden and Australia’s Morrison are all competing to be the first to destroy all industries reliant on coal, cattle, petrol and diesel. Hydrogen, solar, wind, pumped hydro, bio-fuels, carbon cemeteries and batteries are hyped everywhere, especially in academia, Hollywood, most media and the bureaucracies. Big business is widely supportive – they see big profits in supplying metals for this Green Revolution and mining more coal to power Carbon Capture plants.

The forlorn hope is that if we spend enough money on green indulgence payments it will end floods, fires, droughts, cyclones and “super-storms”. Continue reading “The Great Green Leap… Backwards”

New York Can’t Buy its Way Out of Coming Blackouts

By David Wojick

Even if battery backup worked, its astronomical cost puts the idea in Fantasyland

New York City will soon be home to the world’s biggest industrial-scale battery system. It’s designed to back up the city’s growing reliance on intermittent “renewable” electricity. At 400 megawatt-hours (MWh), this cluster of batteries will be more than triple the 129 MWh world leader in Australia.

Mark Chambers, NYC’s Director of Sustainability (I am not making this title up), is ecstatic.”Expanding battery storage is a critical part of how we advance momentum to confront the climate emergency,” he brags,” while meeting the energy needs of all New Yorkers. Today’s announcement demonstrates how we can deliver this need at significant scale.”[Emphasis added]

Continue reading “New York Can’t Buy its Way Out of Coming Blackouts”