By Cliff Reece

The Australian Greens leader, Adam Bandt (pictured left), has called on his comrades to join disruptive climate protests to pressure the Albanese government into stopping the opening of new fossil fuel mines, saying he plans to personally participate in blocking the country’s largest coal port in Newcastle.

He said more people needed to “get in behind” groups that engaged in civil disobedience, naming Disrupt Burrup Hub, Rising Tide and Extinction Rebellion.


The Past and Future for Coal Ports in Queensland

By John McRobert BE (Civ)

In looking to the future, we must first understand the past.

The Great Barrier Reef (GBR) was well named. Queensland’s coastline is over 5,000 km long, further than the distance from London to Newfoundland. For approximately half of the Queensland coastline, the GBR provides a barrier not only to the dreaded tsunamis, but to invasion – one of the decisive events of WW II was fought and won outside the GBR in the Battle of the Coral Sea.

But the GBR doesn’t provide total protection from huge ocean waves – these can be generated inside the reef by severe tropical cyclones – and the current selection of offshore ports is not only ill-prepared for future storms, but totally inadequate for future shipping demands. As for defence, while we spend billions on submarines in Adelaide to defend the country from iceberg attack, there is no naval base on the north-east coast of the continent to service and maintain a naval fleet where it could be best deployed.

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The Coming Crash of the Climate Cult

By Viv Forbes

The Climate Cult worships two green idols – electric vehicles and wind-solar energy. This is part of a futile UN scheme promoting “Net Zero Emissions” which aims to cool the climate of the world by waging war on CO2 plant food.

Green worship is the state religion of all western nations. It is promoted by billionaires with other agendas, and endlessly repeated by the UN, the bureaucracy, all government media, state education and most big business leaders.

The promotion of electric cars and trucks will cause a great increase in the demand for electricity to replace diesel, petrol and gas. Continue reading “The Coming Crash of the Climate Cult”

Back to Coal

From Jo Nova

The threat of the Russians cutting off gas completely through Nord Stream 1 has focused Europe on the blessings of coal and the reality of surviving winter with only windmills and solar panels to keep warm.

Germany, France, Austria, Netherlands, and the UK have already changed plans to shut coal plants or have plans to revive old ones. Poland is buying coal directly for homes. Hungary has now also declared a state of emergency and said it will boost gas production and stop exports. No sharing allowed now.

Only two years ago Greece was going green — phasing out brown coal but now the Greek power corporation has been told to stop the phase out of coal. Last year lignite provided only 5% of the electricity in Greece, now the aim is 20%.

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Coal Fairy Tale

By Graham Pinn

The 2021 census for the first time reported on health, it revealed that 1 in 10 had a mental health problem. Surveys during the COVID period have shown that the young are particularly at risk, a risk compounded by the apocalyptic predictions of climate change. The combination of the two has undermined resilience and led to an increase in depression and suicidal attempts.

The news and social media, aided and abetted by “our ABC”, have contributed, there is also no doubt that climate negativity at school has been a factor, strongly influenced by both teachers and the curriculum. The newly announced intention of NSW and Victoria State Governments, to provide early learning from the ages of 3 or 4, increases that risk. My solution, parents should not be farming their children out at this age, instead tell them stories of hope and future promise.

The tale below, of the Princess Tricity and her salvation, is one for my grand-children. Continue reading “Coal Fairy Tale”

India and China Coal Production Surge

India and China Coal Production Surging By 700M Tons Per Year: That’s Greater Than All U.S. Coal Output

By Robert Bryce

If you think the world is moving beyond coal, think again. The post-Covid economic rebound and surging electricity demand have resulted in big increases in coal prices and coal demand. Since January, the Newcastle benchmark price for coal has doubled. And over the past few weeks, China and India have announced plans to increase their domestic coal production by a combined total of 700 million tons per year. For perspective, US coal production this year will total about 600 million tons. The surge in coal demand in China and India – as well as in the U.S., where coal use jumped by 17% last year – demonstrates two things:
First, that the Iron Law of Electricity has not been broken,
Second, it shows that it is far easier to talk about cutting emissions than it is to achieve significant cuts.

In April, China announced it will increase coal output by 300 million tons this year. Last month, India said it aims to increase domestic coal production by more than 400 million tons by the end of next year.

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The Green Hobby

From Heinz Dähling

Source: [in German; “translate to English” button in the top right]

For millennia, the use of energy sources beyond muscle strength was limited to mechanical energy from flowing air and water and chemical energy from renewable sources. The limitations of these then also limited the human population, which for millennia barely exceeded a billion. In the middle of the 19th century, around 1.5 billion people settled on earth. Only with the utilization of fossil energy sources, with technical progress in the industrialized countries and the associated increase in food production, the world population rose by leaps and bounds, to 2.5 billion by the middle of the 20th century. However, this is still moderate compared to the subsequent tripling to 7.5 billion today,which took place almost exclusively in developing countries. And all forecasts assume that this development will continue. In view of this, going back to mechanical and renewable energy sources and calling it “sustainable” is more than strange. Continue reading “The Green Hobby”

Coal Powers China (while the west waits for winds to blow)

By Viv Forbes

While the West wages war on coal, hydro-carbons power China’s industrial and military might.

China uses massive amounts of coal to generate electricity, smelt metals and manufacture cement – they generate almost twice as much electricity as the USA, and two thirds of that is coal-powered.

In China, wind power is a token 5% (probably earning carbon offsets from western shysters). But the stop-start power from wind/solar is not allowed to interrupt reliable base-load generators like coal. Continue reading “Coal Powers China (while the west waits for winds to blow)”

China Loves Coal Far More than Wind

By David Wojick


We have all heard about China building a lot of coal plants, but the central role coal plays in their booming economy is amazing. It is a big reason they are the world’s leading manufacturer. China generates almost twice as much electricity as the U.S. they generate more from cheap coal than we do from all sources. This makes them very competitive industrially. Continue reading “China Loves Coal Far More than Wind”


By Dr. John Happs

If you haven’t already seen it, let me recommend the 1979 Monty Python comedy film “Life of Brian” where John Cleese plays Reg, spokesman for the People’s Front of Judea. In trying to justify his opposition to Roman occupation, Reg desperately asks his colleagues:

Alright, but apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, fresh water systems and health, what have the Romans ever done for us?”

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