The Night the Leaves fell from the Bullshit Trees

By Joanna Hackett

It was a clear and balmy night when the first stirrings of revolt began. It was the sort of night when dreams could come true and the leaves fall like dandruff from the bullshit trees. This is what happened.

All the people in Australia who thought Chris Lilley’s shows were hilarious went outside, waved Australian flags in the air and flashed torches into the night sky. They didn’t know how else to protest at the poor treatment of this great Aussie comedian. Then all the people who loved ‘Gone with the Wind’ and believed it to be a fine example of a particular movie genre also went outside to wave and flash. This was after they’d bought copies of the book for all their children, grandchildren, friends and neighbours, and downloaded the movie before it was removed from public viewing. Australians are a little perverse that way and don’t like being pissed on by the irrational left. They were soon joined by thousands of Fawlty Towers fans laughing and yelling, ‘don’t mention the war’ while goose-stepping about doing Hitler salutes and making Hitler moustaches. The humourless Cancel Culture had already had a bash at their Basil and they weren’t going to allow that to happen again. Continue reading “The Night the Leaves fell from the Bullshit Trees”