Green, Powerless and Defenceless

By Viv Forbes,

As net zero strangles Australian industry, Australia is becoming green, powerless and defenceless.

History holds lessons which we ignore at our peril.

Japan was opened to trade with the US in the 1850’s. They were daunted by the naval power of Britain and the US but were determined to catch up.

In the 1930’s Japan attacked China, Mussolini attacked Ethiopia and Hitler planned how to avenge WW1 in Europe. Britain’s PM Chamberlain negotiated with Hitler and proclaimed he had achieved “Peace in our Time”.

But Churchill warned:

“Britain must arm. America must arm. We will surely do it in the end but how much greater the cost for each day’s delay.”

In November 1938, just after the signing of the Munich Pact, John Curtin (Leader of the Labor Party in the Australian Parliament), made this statement:

. . I say that any increase in defence expenditure appears to be an entirely unjustifiable and hysterical piece of panic propaganda.”

Source: Hansard, p1095, Nov 2, 1938.

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Living in the Latter Days

How to Defend Australia

By Viv Forbes

Australians are living in the latter days of the Anglo/American Empire.

For centuries now, world power centres have been moving west – from Mongolia, to Europe, to Britain, to North America, and now Asia beckons.

The Anglo/American Empire today resembles the decadent dying days of Rome. Europe is becoming a green energy wasteland, the British Empire died with Churchill, and America has dodderers and adolescents in charge. Australia plans to defend the outback with battery-powered Bushmasters (good for battlefields with plenty of power points). The new defence minister has restored “rainbow morning teas” (banned by Peter Dutton). And an Australian iron oligarch and green hydrogen speculator, Andrew Forrest, aims to de-power Xi Jinping by inviting him to the latest Climate Summit.

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Women in Combat

There is one Western, liberal democracy that remains in constant danger of being overrun by its neighbours, neighbours who have been taught to hate it with their mother’s milk.

That is Israel.

Israel has an interest in maximising the number of people who can be applied to combat so it trialled using women in combat.

That wasn’t successful for two reasons.

Firstly, troops are trained to keep advancing despite the injuries and screams of their comrades who have been hit by enemy fire. If they don’t, the attack might break and you end up with a worse situation – troops held down in exposed positions and the wounded and dying needing attention. Troops can be trained to happily ignore males screaming in pain but seem to be evolutionarily conditioned to go to the help of females in distress. This breaks the attack and makes such mixed units useless on the battlefield.

Secondly, troops react to female comrades being wounded or killed by conducting reprisals against anyone to hand, enemy combatants or civilians. This isn’t good for discipline. So Israel abandoned using women in combat because it just didn’t work out. This is a great pity, but you have to work with what you’ve got.

An Extract from:
David Archibald, 2015, “Australia’s Defence”, Connor Court, p16.