Women in Combat

There is one Western, liberal democracy that remains in constant danger of being overrun by its neighbours, neighbours who have been taught to hate it with their mother’s milk.

That is Israel.

Israel has an interest in maximising the number of people who can be applied to combat so it trialled using women in combat.

That wasn’t successful for two reasons.

Firstly, troops are trained to keep advancing despite the injuries and screams of their comrades who have been hit by enemy fire. If they don’t, the attack might break and you end up with a worse situation – troops held down in exposed positions and the wounded and dying needing attention. Troops can be trained to happily ignore males screaming in pain but seem to be evolutionarily conditioned to go to the help of females in distress. This breaks the attack and makes such mixed units useless on the battlefield.

Secondly, troops react to female comrades being wounded or killed by conducting reprisals against anyone to hand, enemy combatants or civilians. This isn’t good for discipline. So Israel abandoned using women in combat because it just didn’t work out. This is a great pity, but you have to work with what you’ve got.

An Extract from:
David Archibald, 2015, “Australia’s Defence”, Connor Court, p16.

Problems in Climate Science

A destructive trail left by climate models.
Presentation to The Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia
Dr Howard Brady
Sydney 13th September 2022

Click/tap the link or image to download the complete presentation: https://saltbushclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/presentation-brady-howard.pdf (large PDF, 22 MB)

Climatic Impacts of Submarine Volcanic Eruption El Hierro

Climatic impacts of the October 2011 to March 2012 El Hierro submarine volcanic eruption El Hierro

By Professor Wyss Yim. First published in Imperial ENGINEER, Autumn 2013

Ocean has three main climatic impacts. First, the hot and low density seawater immediately beneath the surface speeded up the tropical Atlantic currents, rushing the tropical waters northwards. Second, the hot seawater warmed the atmosphere above causing a fall in air pressure to generate depressions. Th ird, the polar jet stream was drawn further south than normal in the North Atlantic Ocean. Consequently both the ‘normal’ oceanic circulation and atmospheric circulation were drastically altered. Th e combination eff ect is an extremely negative NAO including the development of a ‘Greenland block’.

Read the full document [PDF: 616 kB]: https://saltbushclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/el-hierro-eruption.pdf

Poisoning people to save the planet

By Ian Plimer. First published at The Spectator Australia: https://spectator.com.au/2022/10/australian-notes-322/

The blades from environmentally friendly subsidised bird- and bat-chomping inefficient wind turbines have a short life and cannot be recycled. They weigh 10-20 tonnes, are 40-60 metres long, need to be replaced every 15 years or less and are composed of plastic, fibreglass, balsa wood and resins. Balsa wood is produced by chopping down Brazilian rainforests, in an environmentally friendly way of course. Fibreglass is impregnated with epoxy resins to increase blade strength and are made from petroleum. Previously blades were disposed of in Third World countries for a pittance until these countries ungraciously decided not to be the dumping ground for First World toxic rubbish. The wind industry was miffed and took to dumping used blades illegally until communities objected. Continue reading “Poisoning people to save the planet”