The Cold Truth on Global Warming

This is the dramatic story of how an eccentric environmental speculation grew into a powerful global scare industry; it is the story of the corruption of science, the defrauding of taxpayers, the destruction of reliable energy, the bullying of anyone who dares question the narrative and a hidden agenda for shortages, rationing, environmental destruction and global control. The film exposes the climate alarm as an invented scare without any basis in science. It emphatically counters the claim that current temperatures and levels of atmospheric CO2 are unusually and worryingly high. In fact, we are currently near the end of a warm interlude in an ice age and there is no evidence that changing levels of CO2 (it has changed many times) has ever ‘driven’ climate change in the past.

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Ad-free Media? No Such Thing

By Viv Forbes

There is no ad-free media.

Commercial media promotes goods, services, functions and political messages for those prepared to pay for this service.

The government-owned ABC also runs incessant ads. However, ABC ads promote the ABC, its own programs, and its black-red-green-rainbow political agenda. This agenda does not serve most of the net payers of tax who fund their propaganda.

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Grand Land Grab: Wind & Solar ‘Transition’ Needs 70% of Australia’s Prime Farmland

Australia’s prime agricultural land is being carpeted with endless seas of solar panels and thousands of these things are being speared everywhere the panels can’t go.

Dilute and diffuse, wind and solar require a staggering amount of space, and way more than their occasional, weather (and/or sunshine) dependent power generation can ever hope to justify.

Taking up vast tracts of farmland with solar panels means that that land produces nothing else. While the solar panels are lucky to produce power for 5-6 hours every day (ie 20-25% of the time).

Spearing hundreds of 300 tonne, 280m high turbines into productive farmland brings its own range of special ‘challenges’ for primary producers.

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Exploding Energy Prices in Costly California

By Steve Goreham. Originally published in Master Resource.

Energy prices are skyrocketing in California. The state’s electricity, gasoline, and natural gas prices are amongst the nation’s highest and rising. Green energy policies are the primary cause for high and escalating California energy prices.

California electricity prices increased by 98.2 percent over the last 15 years, the highest rise in the nation. No other state comes close in terms of price increases. US average electricity prices rose 30.6 percent over the same period. California power prices rose to a level that is the second highest in the nation, only lower than Hawaii. In contrast, prices in Texas have actually declined since 2008 due to a focus on retail competition and a decrease in natural gas prices

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Graphene, the material that could change the world

By Graham Pinn

The invention of plastics changed the world in the Twentieth Century, graphene a form of carbon, will do the same in the Twenty-first. It is light and very strong (estimated at up to 200 times stronger than steel) – strong enough to stop a speeding bullet! It is heat and electricity conducting, and is believed to be the future of electronics, with applications in computers, batteries, solar panels, sensors, and medical and military devices. A recent development has suggested the possibility that graphene can even produce its own low- energy output, coming from the motion of its molecules.

The problem has been how to economically manufacture it on a commercial scale. Carbon exists in nature in two forms, graphite (as in lead pencils) and the more exotic diamond; graphene does not exist in nature. There had been 70 years of speculation about the substance before it was finally produced by rudimentary processes in 2004; its discoverers, in UK, were subsequently awarded the Nobel Prize for physics in 2010. Its development has been the Holy Grail of technology.

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