Climate Alarmism Is a Cult

Dr John Happs

By Dr. John Happs

The word “cult” comes from the Latin cultus, a noun with meanings ranging from “tilling, cultivation” to “training or education” to “adoration.”

If climate alarmism is based on science, then challenging climate alarmism is also science since that is exactly how science has advanced over the years. However, if climate alarmism is a cult and challenging that cult brings about derision and threats, which it often does, then we know for certain that climate alarmism is a cult and is not based on scientific methodology and facts.

Although there is no general consensus about how a cult is different from any other religious organisation, cult members are exploited by fanatics and/or vested interests within the cult who are given to unsubstantiated ideas. Whether we describe climate alarmism as a cult or religion, the end result is the same even though the members come from diverse backgrounds and may join for different reasons with cult leaders looking for control and profit.

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Where is George Orwell?

Where is George Orwell?

The notion that the world’s fate hinges on four one hundredths of one per cent of a gas that has never been known to force anything more than a champagne cork was imaginative, but absurd; that this could be parlayed into a realistic attempt by the UN to acquire a Sovereign State – and thereby political relevance – is truly frightening.

George Orwell, where are you when we need you?

Douglas Panther
Lightning Ridge

Alarmist Over-reach

For over 15 years the global warmists have become progressively more outspoken with their scare stories, and less careful with facts and science.

But their latest tactics of promoting Extinction Hellions and exploiting a teenage Swedish Doomsayer represent alarmist over-reach.

Ordinary people are becoming suspicious: “If their science is sound, why do they resort to media scare stories, traffic disruption, street rebellions, school truants, religious zealots and academic purging?” Continue reading “Alarmist Over-reach”

The Rebellion against Reason

We don’t need rowdy Extinction Hellions on our streets – we need Education on Extinctions in our science academies, classrooms and media.

Extinctions are natural events that close every chapter of Earth’s history – they remove species that can’t cope with competition or change. Better adapted species take their place.extinction cartoon

The rocks are Earth’s archives, recording past climates, extinctions, ice ages, droughts, planetary impacts and volcanic activities. There is NOTHING unusual about current conditions or trends except for today’s huge human population. (Dinosaurs also were very numerous and successful, but only remnants of their line remain today.) Continue reading “The Rebellion against Reason”

“The Extinction Rebellion” in Australia

March 2019 saw the first public actions from Extinction Rebellion in Australia.

Declaration Day: XR Australia’s Demands that, “The Australian government and the media tell the truth about the climate emergency and honestly inform the public that we are facing a threat to human civilisation that imperils the life of most people on Earth.” (12)

Associated groups in Australia include: Australian Greens, Victorian Socialists, Rail, Tram and Bus Union, Unionists for Refugees, Climate Justice, Uni Students for Climate Justice, School Strike 4 Climate, Greenpeace Australia, Counter-Act, Climate Justice, Stop Adani, Frontline Action on Coal, Greenpeace, Guardian Newspaper, Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network, Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC), Refugee Action collective, Socialist alternative, Greens members; Senator Adam Brandt, Senator Sarah Hanson Young, Senator Larissa Waters, Councillor Jonathan Siri, former Senator Scott Ludlam, former Greens candidate Ben Pennings.

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