Fight-Back for Farmers

An urgent message for all Farmers, ex-Farmers, their Families, their Friends, their Politicians and their Media in all Australian states and in other countries:

Greens have declared war on cattle farmers and graziers and on real meat and milk using their endless global warming lies.

The Saltbush Club wants to see a tidal wave of protest from farmers, families and friends to politicians and the media. We ask everyone who sees this to on-send the Saltbush link widely to at least 10 others, and so on.

The Green/ALP/ABC axis has already used the same discredited climate scare stories to strangle coal miners, explorers and electricity generators in Red-Green Tape. That was easy as most coal miners are concentrated in a few electorates and they have few friends in the leafy green suburbs.

But farmers are different – there are many of them in most electorates and they have friends and family in the cities. (One powerful trade unionist once had a sign on his white-board that said “Don’t Fight Farmers”.)

Sadly no farmer can rely on help, climate truth or good science from industry organisations like the National Farmers Federation or once-trusted media such as the ABC or Fairfax. They all sing in the green climate-alarm choir these days. Even big retailers will happily promote Fake Meat and Fake Milk. If plant-based margarine cannot be labelled as “butter” why is an artificial product manufactured mainly from legumes and additives allowed to use the word “meat”, or a product made from soybeans or oats allowed to be called ‘milk”?

Please send a link to this post to every contact you have, especially farmers and their friends. Send to individuals, media and politicians – send by email, snail mail and post on blogs and every social media.

Viv Forbes
Executive Director
The Saltbush Club