Arctic Ice Alarmists Display Either Ignorance or Their Deceptive Tendencies

By Dr. John Happs

Dr John Happs

One might think that all those failed predictions from so-called “experts” about the disappearance of sea-ice, ice sheets and glaciers, because of rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide connected to (imaginary) catastrophic anthropogenic global warming, would convince politicians and the media that such monotonous messages of climate doom should be ignored.

 In 2007, we had palaeontologist Dr. Tim Flannery predicting that global temperature could rise by much more than the IPCC’s prediction of three degrees. He said:

 “It could be worse than this – there’s a 10 per cent chance of truly catastrophic rises in temperatures, so we’re looking at six degrees or so.”

 He followed up on this nonsense by predicting that Arctic sea ice would be gone by 2012:

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