The Target on Australia’s Back

By Viv Forbes

Congratulations to Ted Dwyer in “Spectator Australia” (25/6/22) for asking why Australia has bet-the-house on the US/NATO adventurism in Ukraine.

There are few innocent parties in Ukraine today – an undeclared civil war has been simmering for this whole century.

Since the Mongol destruction of Kiev in 1240, almost everyone has invaded Ukraine – its flat fertile lands and mineral resources attract plunderers. Russia has a long memory of invaders from the west including Napoleon, the Austrians, the Poles, the Swedes and Hitler’s Nazis.

Russia’s Catherine the Great annexed the Crimea in 1783 and established the Black Sea Fleet. Ukraine was one of the founding Soviet Republics in 1922, and Russian is the mother tongue for several areas of Ukraine. Modern Ukraine was founded in 1992 when the Soviet Union collapsed but Russian areas like Luhansk and Donetsk refused to be a part of Ukraine. They said they “were and always would be Russian”.
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The $100 Million Selfie in Ukraine

By Cory Bernardi

Political virtue signalling is one thing but spending $100 million of our money on a selfie is inexcusable.

I’ve tried really hard to refrain from criticising the Albanese government. They’ve only been in the role for a few weeks and a lot of the problems they are encountering aren’t directly of their making.

Sure, they made things worse by pushing the former government to the Left but that’s their job. The real failing is with the Morrison team failing to stand their ground.

However there are areas that Albanese and his team need to be held to account because those decisions are entirely of their making.

One was the $100 million selfie opportunity he took this week.

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