When the Ice Returns

By Viv Forbes, with help from friends

A long time ago
              the universe was made of ice.

Then one day the ice began to melt,
              and a mist rose into the sky.

Out of the mist came a giant made of frost,
              and the earth and heavens were made from his body.

That is how the world began,
              and that is how the world will end.

Not by fire
              but by Ice.

An Ancient Scandinavian Legend, quoted by Robert W Felix in his great book: “NOT BY FIRE BUT BY ICE”.

Earth is living in the latter days of the Holocene Warm Era. This is the latest short, fertile, warm interlude within the long, barren, Pleistocene Ice Age.

From: John Kehr 2011 “The Inconvenient Skeptic”, p42. Temperature Reconstruction using deep sea sediment cores. After Raymo, 2005.

We are at the top on the RHS of that cycle. Does that look like a bottom, or a top?

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The Great Green Leap… Backwards

By Viv Forbes

The Green Virus is on a rising curve in the Anglo-Sphere.

Boris, Biden, Kerry, Trudeau, Arden and Australia’s Morrison are all competing to be the first to destroy all industries reliant on coal, cattle, petrol and diesel. Hydrogen, solar, wind, pumped hydro, bio-fuels, carbon cemeteries and batteries are hyped everywhere, especially in academia, Hollywood, most media and the bureaucracies. Big business is widely supportive – they see big profits in supplying metals for this Green Revolution and mining more coal to power Carbon Capture plants.

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British Astrophysicists: “Mini Ice Age is Accelerating – New ‘Maunder Minimum’ Has Begun” + the Beaufort Gyre

“We are plunging now into a deep mini ice age,” says British astrophysicist Piers Corbyn, “and there is no way out”.

For the next 20 years it’s going to get colder and colder, on average, says Corbyn who holds a B.Sc. in Physics and an M.Sc. in Astrophysics. The jet stream will be wilder: there will be more wild temperature changes, more hail events, more earthquakes, more extreme volcano events, more snow in winters, lousy summers, late springs, short autumns, and more and more crop failures.

“The fact is the sun rules the sea temperature, and the sea temperature rules the climate,” explains Corbyn.

“What we have happening now is the start of the mini ice age … it began around 2013. It’s a slow start, and now the rate of moving into the mini ice age is accelerating.

“The best thing to do now is to tell your politicians to stop believing nonsense,” concludes Corbyn.

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