By Cliff Reece

The above is what Prime Minister Albanese and Indigenous Affairs Minister Linda Burney and their colleagues in government and all the ‘Yes’ vote activists are telling us is the full extent of the Uluru Statement from the Heart. They are trying to deceive voters into thinking that this is the full statement that the Prime Minister has referred to on numerous occasions and promised to implement “in full”.

However, the real Uluru Statement from the Heart most definitely comprises 26 pages. It is titled ‘Document 14’ and starts on page 87 of a much larger series of documents and continues without a break and in exactly the same format and print font until page 112 – that’s 26 pages! The major heading on page 87 states: ‘ULURU STATEMENT FROM THE HEART. All the following 25 pages have sub-headings only. It is clearly one document.

Following these 26 pages there are additional notes, record of meetings etc. that are obviously attachments. These are the pages Albanese referred to in his radio interview with Neil Mitchell at 3AW. He also stated during that interview that he had not read any of these pages – only the poster! As amazing as that is, he also went on to ask “Why would I?” suggesting there is nothing of importance to read.


Net Zero Nonsense

By Bryan Leyland

Net Zero electricity by 2030 using wind and solar power is an impossible dream: the technologies and resources needed to carry it out don’t exist. (“Net Zero” means that we do not burn gas and coal for electricity generation except, maybe, in dry years.)

The report by the Interim Committee on Climate Change stated correctly that we would need fossil fuels for the foreseeable future to keep the lights on during windless nights and during dry hydro years. This report was shelved by the government and superseded by a Climate Commission report that had minimal (if any) input from experienced power system engineers.

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The Great Wind and Solar Land Grab

By Steve Goreham

US Fish and Wildlife Service. Public Domain

Which is more environmentally friendly — an energy source that uses one unit of land to produce one unit of electricity, or a source that uses 100 units of land to produce one unit of electricity?

The answer should be obvious.

Nevertheless, “green” energy advocates call for a huge expansion of wind, solar and other renewables that use vast amounts of land to replace traditional power plants that use comparatively small amounts of land.

Vaclav Smil, professor emeritus at the University of Manitoba in Canada, extensively analyzed the power density of alternative sources used to generate electricity. He defined power density as the average flow of electricity generated per square meter of horizontal surface (land or sea area).

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The Voice – I’m Over it!

By John Mikkelsen

The Voice debate – like many Australians I’m over it, and I decided a long time ago it’s a big NO from me.

I’m reminded of a question posed decades ago by American physicist, Professor Julius Sumner Miller in TV ads promoting a famous brand of chocolate, “Why is it so?”

There’s an easy answer. The Voice is a move to enshrine an unelected advisory body in the Australian Constitution which will further divide our great nation on racial grounds. QED, Julius, to sum up: It’s racist. Continue reading “The Voice – I’m Over it!”