Arctic Ice Alarmists Display Either Ignorance or Their Deceptive Tendencies

By Dr. John Happs

Dr John Happs

One might think that all those failed predictions from so-called “experts” about the disappearance of sea-ice, ice sheets and glaciers, because of rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide connected to (imaginary) catastrophic anthropogenic global warming, would convince politicians and the media that such monotonous messages of climate doom should be ignored.

 In 2007, we had palaeontologist Dr. Tim Flannery predicting that global temperature could rise by much more than the IPCC’s prediction of three degrees. He said:

 “It could be worse than this – there’s a 10 per cent chance of truly catastrophic rises in temperatures, so we’re looking at six degrees or so.”

 He followed up on this nonsense by predicting that Arctic sea ice would be gone by 2012:

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One thought on “Arctic Ice Alarmists Display Either Ignorance or Their Deceptive Tendencies”

  1. Excellent Dr Happs.
    Of course, we all know that the climate alarmist deniers are not ignorant. They have had enough time to be given the benefit of the doubt and the professionals amongst them have a duty of care and responsibility – to be sceptical. They have the same access to information as all of us. They follow the agenda set by billionaires in 1987 at the 4th World Wilderness Conference to convert the natural environment into financial instruments and then into a world currency. These scammers use emotional engineering to scare the chooks. We all learned about Henny Penny and “the sky is falling!!!” crisis in infant school for a reason, to be alert to deception.

    Your compendium ought to be submitted to our new Orwellian ‘ministry of truth’ as a test case. Will their government pursue the misinformers and their misinformation disclosed in your document? Will they make any attempt to ascertain the facts or at least publicly acknowledge the specific questions to be addressed or will they keep telling us the science is settled, because they say so?

    P.S. Speaking of science, I would like to see an experiment for school children involving two plants enclosed in glass cases. One would have its CO2 removed with calcium chlorate and the other would be fed extra CO2 from bicarbonate of soda and some vinegar. We know the probable outcome already.

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