DARK EMU – A Review

A review of aspects of the book DARK EMU by Bruce Pascoe 2014. Reviewed here by Clyde Brown.

In his book “Dark Emu”, Bruce Pascoe argues that pre-colonial aboriginals were much more than simple hunter-gatherers and were, living in towns and villages, building houses and dams, altering the course of rivers, tilling the land, sowing crops, which they harvested and stored as well as sewing their own clothes.

At the same time, he claims that they had a system of pan-continental government that generated peace and prosperity.

The book has been widely acclaimed and considered factual by a large body of readers, who in the main have little or no knowledge of aboriginal archaeology and have not bothered to research Bruce Pascoe’s claims. A generally dissenting view by some researchers, can be found at: https://www.dark-emu-exposed.org/

Peter O’Brien in his book “Bitter Harvest” undertakes a forensic investigation of Pascoe’s claims in a work covering 251 pages. Continue reading “DARK EMU – A Review”