Under Sea Volcanoes – The Axial Seamount

By Jim Le Maistre

300 kilometers off the coast of Oregon there is an undersea volcano, The Axial Seamount. It erupted in 1982, 1998, 2011 and 2015. New Scientist July 9 th , 2007 suggests that there are roughly 3 million volcanoes under the oceans of the world, this one is the only under sea volcano ever, regularly, studied. It is estimated that about 80 % of all volcanic activity on Earth occurs under the oceans. Almost nothing is known about these volcanoes. Scientists do not even have a scale by which to measure volcanoes that erupt under the sea. No system has ever been developed to describe or rate their magnitude like the systems rating Volcanoes above land.

Environment Canada – August 2015 . . . arrow pointing to ’Axial Seamount’- by author

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Geology and Climate

By James Edward Kamis

For many years it has been obvious that geological forces influence the planet’s climate in many specific and measurable ways: they melt the base of polar glaciers, abruptly change the course of deep ocean currents, influence the distribution of plankton blooms, infuse our atmosphere with volcanic sulfur rich ash, modify huge sub-ocean biologic communities, and generate all El Niño / La Niñas’ cycles. Given all of this very convincing information, many of today’s supposedly expert scientists still vehemently insist that our climate is completely / exclusively driven by atmospheric forces.

Well that atmospheric bias is about to change!

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NOTHING WORKS – Lamentations of a home owner using solar power

By James Kunstler

The solar electric I installed on the house nine years ago is down. It’s supposed to feed that monster called the grid. Since April, I noticed that the electric bill is creeping up way beyond the usual seventeen bucks that the electric company charges home solar producers for the privilege of feeding their system — which, let’s face it, has a downside for them because the intermittency of so-called alt-energy disorders their operations.

It’s counter-intuitive. Many people, I’m sure, assume that the more solar units feeding the grid, the better. Strangely, not so. Electric companies work much better when the production and flow of current is absolutely predictable and under their control — like, when they decide to fire up the natgas on generator number three or tune down the hydro turbines. It’s much harder to run the system with little dribs and drabs of electricity trickling in from hither and yon. But alt-energy is good PR for the government, so they do whatever they can to promote or even compel its use.

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The Target on Australia’s Back

By Viv Forbes

Congratulations to Ted Dwyer in “Spectator Australia” (25/6/22) for asking why Australia has bet-the-house on the US/NATO adventurism in Ukraine.

There are few innocent parties in Ukraine today – an undeclared civil war has been simmering for this whole century.

Since the Mongol destruction of Kiev in 1240, almost everyone has invaded Ukraine – its flat fertile lands and mineral resources attract plunderers. Russia has a long memory of invaders from the west including Napoleon, the Austrians, the Poles, the Swedes and Hitler’s Nazis.

Russia’s Catherine the Great annexed the Crimea in 1783 and established the Black Sea Fleet. Ukraine was one of the founding Soviet Republics in 1922, and Russian is the mother tongue for several areas of Ukraine. Modern Ukraine was founded in 1992 when the Soviet Union collapsed but Russian areas like Luhansk and Donetsk refused to be a part of Ukraine. They said they “were and always would be Russian”.
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Monster Hydrothermal Field Discovered in The Dark Depths of The East Pacific

By Michelle Star

A massive field of hydrothermal vents on the seafloor in the dark depths of the East Pacific ocean is the hottest and largest discovered in the region yet.

A vent monitored with a temperature logger. (WHOI/NDSF/ROV Jason/NSF)
A vent monitored with a temperature logger. (WHOI/NDSF/ROV Jason/NSF)

Not only that, but it’s in a place scientists didn’t expect to find active vents, never mind an entire system of them, hundreds of meters from the axis of a volcanic ridge.

The discovery, scientists say, could have a significant impact on our understanding of vent systems, and the role they play in ocean ecosystems.
Read the full article: https://www.sciencealert.com/a-monster-active-hydrothermal-field-has-been-discovered-in-the-east-pacific

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Back to Coal

From Jo Nova

The threat of the Russians cutting off gas completely through Nord Stream 1 has focused Europe on the blessings of coal and the reality of surviving winter with only windmills and solar panels to keep warm.

Germany, France, Austria, Netherlands, and the UK have already changed plans to shut coal plants or have plans to revive old ones. Poland is buying coal directly for homes. Hungary has now also declared a state of emergency and said it will boost gas production and stop exports. No sharing allowed now.

Only two years ago Greece was going green — phasing out brown coal but now the Greek power corporation has been told to stop the phase out of coal. Last year lignite provided only 5% of the electricity in Greece, now the aim is 20%.

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