By Dr. John Happs

When it comes to telling whoppers about climate change, weather extremes and any number of climate-related catastrophes, the United Nations has no equal. Their latest (2020) report proves this beyond any doubt.

Recently released is the UN’s report, dramatically titled: “Human Cost of Disasters: An Overview of the Last 20 Years (2000-2019). This report stems from the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) and its Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED).

The report Foreword tells us that: “This report focuses primarily on the staggering rise in climate-related disasters over the last twenty years.”

This is followed by the not unexpected attack on developed nations: Continue reading “THERE ARE LIARS, DAMN LIARS AND THE UNITED NATIONS”

Will Germany Become a Third World Country?

By Anonymous German Author – D
December 17, 2020

At the moment I’m quite sure that Germany will end as a third world country. The closing of coal-fired power stations and nuclear power plants is a done deal by end of 2022 (for nuclear power) and 2030 (for coal power).

To compensate for the tremendous loss of energy, many wind turbines and solar power plants are planned and realized near the North Sea coast. Politicians of the Green Party are howling that these plans are too late for the Earth to survive.

But the power from wind and sun in Germany is only 10% for solar and 25% for wind. The rest of the power will be bought from coal and nuclear power plants abroad (Romania, Poland, France, Belgium…).

Germany will be the first country with pure and clean energy…and many people are proud of this.

Yesterday, an electric car was driving in front of me with a sticker “Say NO to nuclear power.” Sometimes I really do not know in which direction I should shake my head!

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Unobtainium: What’s Wrong with Wind and Solar?

“Have you ever heard of unobtainium? It’s the magic energy mineral found on the planet Pandora in the movie Avatar. It’s a fantasy in a science fiction script. But environmentalists think they have found it here on earth in the form of wind and solar power.”


A Geologist’s Explanation of Why Nuclear Power Advocates Should not use the “CO2 is a Pollutant” Argument

By Gregory Wrightstone

As a member of the CO2 Coalition and incoming Exec Director, I reject blanket subsidies for nuclear generation using false climate change and CO2-driven warming as the pretext for artificially propping up one energy form over another.

The modest warming of the last 100 or so years combined with increasing CO2 is leading to an Earth and humanity that are thriving and prospering. It is just is. By nearly every metric. And we should all be thankful of that today.

If you want to advance nuclear energy, please don’t use the same climate misinformation of the supposed dangers of increasing CO2 that are used to advance the renewable energy scam.

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The Utter Failure of Yet Another Bushfire Panel

By Roger Underwood

When Prime Minister Morrison announced that there would be a Royal Commission into the 2020 bushfires in NSW and Victoria, my first reaction was ‘It’s not needed’. People who know about bushfires already knew precisely what caused the disaster and what needs to be done to ensure it does not happen again.

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Real Meat is a Natural Product Fuelled by Solar Powered Bio-Mass

by Viv Forbes, with help from our editors

Wandering recently through an arcade popular with the green smoothie set, I saw a sign boasting: “Plant Based Meat”.

Someone should advise those nutritional dunderheads that all real meat is plant-based. Real beef and lamb are built from live plants like grasses, lucerne and mulga, plus salt, minerals and clay; the best chicken is built mostly on seeds and shoots of wheat, corn and grasses plus a few worms, insects and gizzard-grit; and when I was a kid our bacon was built by porkers from pollard, whey and vegetable scraps.

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Get Ready for Nationwide Blackouts Under Biden

California’s climate and energy policies will bring thousands of blackouts to entire country

Dr. Jay Lehr and Tom Harris

The power disaster unfolding in California will soon occur across the country, if Joe Biden gets his way. The Golden State has been sweeping away the forms of energy that have provided reliable electricity for decades, under the same agenda the former Vice-President is planning for America as a whole.

Power outages are now commonplace in California. Last summer, the state suffered its first rolling blackouts in nearly 20 years. Imagine if this happened in Chicago in the middle of winter. Continue reading “Get Ready for Nationwide Blackouts Under Biden”