Desalination, Will it Work this Time?

By Graham Pinn

In 2022, SEQ water advised that the population growth had brought forward likely water shortages for South East Queensland to as early as 2024. The Labor Government is considering decisions to expand the rarely used Gold Coast desalination facility, and build a new plant on the Sunshine Coast, with completion by 2035. As was the case, with droughts in the early 2000’s, the knee-jerk response, has been undermined by major floods. Relying on faulty Bureau of Meteorology El Nino forecasts, predictions which may now turn into La Nina!!

Australia has throughout its history been a land of drought, floods, and fire, it is recognised as the driest inhabited continent in the world. With another El Nino event supposedly looming, the country’s rapidly expanding population, (the latest estimates have increased from 33 to 36 million by 2050) is putting pressure on water availability. Rather than building new dams, it seems the option of desalination plants is now back on the agenda, as Queensland re-invents a previous, failed policy.

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Former Greens candidate now warns wind turbines are lunacy and a scam

Steve Nowakowski was a Greens candidate in Cairns in 2006. He was a co-founder of Rainforest Reserves Australia, and was hired as a photographer, but he didn’t like what he saw. Two years ago he was concerned at the environmental damage of the Emerald Wind farm, now he’s filming the destruction in the hope of stopping wind farms being built in Queensland. He’s calling it lunacy, and arguing we need nuclear power.

In a big leap, he even realizes the green groups are “colluding” with the government and the money making environmental vandals in the greatest land grab of the age. Mark my words, eventually this issue will split the Greens.

First Bob Brown former Greens leader, and now foot soldiers like Nowakowski and a few other conservationists are campaigning against wind turbines —  word is spreading…

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The Tantalising Bradshaw Rock Art in Australia

Graham Walsh was a park ranger who became fascinated by some very ancient rock art in the Kimberley Ranges in Australia. He spent years recording this art in over 1.2 million photographs. He identifies at least 3 types of art painted by a mysterious race at least 20,000 years ago. He believes they are evidence of a pre-aboriginal culture.

Walsh found 3 different schools of art with eleven different styles. Many wore skirts and head-dresses never seen in current aboriginal cultures or recent paintings. One painting suggests an ocean-going boat with high prows and rudders.

Here is a recording made by the Australian Nine Network’s “Sunday” program, introduced by Jim Waley and reported by Paul Ransley. [The date of the recording is uncertain, probably sometime before 2003.]