A Voice? No all about power

By David Barton

In 1983, as a naïve youth worker and concerned by what I had been reading since the early 1970s about what was happening with Aborigines in Alice Springs, I moved there to see what I could do to help. All told, I spent six years in Central Australia, leaving both depressed and convinced that the situation could never be fixed. One thing that bothered me then and still does is the constant calls for ‘self-determination’, not so much by Aborigines but by whitefella activists, some I later learned to be card-carrying members of the Communist Party and others who now hold senior positions in academia and the bureaucracy.

The contemporary definition of ‘Aboriginal self-determination’ is not about fitting in with the mainstream, of integrating or assimilating, but of splitting from mainstream Australia. Meanwhile, the rest of us get to pay for it whilst the rent seekers contribute very little to the community and Aboriginal lives, including those of children, continue to be ruined.

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Announcing a New Clintel publication: “The Frozen Climate Views of the IPCC”

Thorough analysis by Clintel shows serious errors in latest IPCC report

Amsterdam, 9 May 2023

* IPCC hides good news about disaster losses and climate-related deaths
* IPCC wrongly claimed the estimate of climate sensitivity is above 2.5
°C; it is more likely below 2°C
* IPCC misleads policy makers by focusing on an implausible worst-case emissions scenario
* Errors in the AR6 report are worse than those that led to the IAC Review in 2010

The IPCC ignored crucial peer-reviewed literature showing that normalised disaster losses have decreased since 1990 and that human mortality due to extreme weather has decreased by more than 95% since 1920. The IPCC, by cherry picking from the literature, drew the opposite conclusions, claiming increases in damage and mortality due to anthropogenic climate change. These are two important conclusions of the report The Frozen Climate Views of the IPCC
, published by the Clintel Foundation. Continue reading “Announcing a New Clintel publication: “The Frozen Climate Views of the IPCC””

The Great Reset

This is a video presented by Marc Morano.

Topics discussed:

  • You will own nothing and be happy.
  • A Rare opportunity to reset our world.
  • Manmade food shortages.
  • Stay at home, rent what you want.
  • Meat must be an occasional treat.
  • Lab meat to be printed on a 3-D printer.
  • The planned car shortage.
  • Stop High yield agriculture to create the great food disruption.
  • Covid Lockdowns lead to Climate Lockdowns.
  • Give up your freedom and we will look after you.
  • Lockdowns – the road to one party rule.
  • The worship of dictatorship.
  • Authoritianism in Australia.
  • Demonisation of sceptics.
  • The need for a permanent climate crisis.
  • Digital cash to control spending of your own money.
  • The carbon footprint card – personal carbon allowances.
  • Government is the only source of truth.
  • Fact checking is censorship.
  • Their need to shut down the whole economy.
  • We need climate lockdowns every two years.
  • Politicians love emergency powers.
  • Limits on home heating, travel.
  • The era of growth is over – don’t leave you house.
  • No more home ownership – the era of the collective.
  • Private land ownership is racist.
  • Having children is environmental vandalism.
  • Do not question authority.
  • I want you to panic.
  • We need “The Great Resist”.
  • It will only happen if we allow it.

Original link: https://www.climatedepot.com/2023/03/08/watch-moranos-great-reset-keynote-speech-at-heartland-institute-climate-conf-in-orlando/

The Peak-Stupid Australian Budget

An open letter to the Prime Minister of Australia

Good Morning Prime Minister,

I have grave concerns over the long term damage that your Government is inflicting on our country and our manufacturing Industry.

I am going to now list for you three flows of money which are dictated by your Government to demonstrate quite simply that your budget has in fact reached the status of “peak stupid”.

Firstly consider the absolute torrent of taxpayers’ money busy building “renewables”.  This torrent has many constituent streams including the clean energy finance organisation and similar where taxpayers’ money is given/loaned cheaply to rent seekers so they can build their wind turbines, solar farms and batteries.  This is highly inflationary! 
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Michael Mann: You Cannot Be Serious!

Dr John HappsBy Dr. John Happs

“Apart from being a tetchy, hotheaded, rude, bullying, cackhanded, ignorant, malevolent and embarrassingly useless excuse for a scientist, Professor Michael Mann – the guy behind the serially-discredited Hockey Stick – is also the most outrageous liar.” (journalist James Delingpole) https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2017/03/31/delingpole-michael-mann-vs-the-truth-at-congressional-climate-hearing/

In 2023, Dr. Michael Mann was interviewed on campus for the Pennsylvania State University publication Penn Today. That interview established 3 things:

    1. That Penn Today is prepared to believe and publish just about anything Mann says about climate change, without checking the facts;
    2. Mann is in complete denial about his “hockey stick” temperature graph that was initially displayed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and later removed when it was shown to be fabricated;
    3. Mann admires other environmental alarmists such as Paul Ehrlich and Rachel Carson.


  1. Continue reading: https://papundits.wordpress.com/2023/05/07/michael-mann-you-cannot-be-serious/

The Practical Impossibility of Large-Scale Carbon Capture and Storage

By Steve Goreham

Originally published in Master Resource.

The Environmental Protection Agency is working on a new rule that would set stringent limits on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from US power plants. Utilities would be required to retrofit existing plants with carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology or to switch to hydrogen fuel. Others call for the use of CCS to decarbonize heavy industry. But the cost of capture and the amount of CO2 that proponents say needs to be captured crush any ideas about feasibility. Continue reading “The Practical Impossibility of Large-Scale Carbon Capture and Storage”