Members, Skills and Concerns

“We have been listening to scare-mongers and panicky children for too long – it’s time to listen to sensible people and grown-ups.”
November 2018

The Saltbush Club is an unplanned venture. Tapping a deep vein of public concern about the Paris climate agreement, it just grew. In about a month, with zero corporate or government support, a few lone individuals have attracted an imposing line-up of sensible people who are well informed on all aspects of the climate debate, and on the growing energy, water and infrastructure problems facing Australia. Many are only prepared to publicise their concern since they have been freed from corporate, academic or government restraints. They are now expressing long-held but often-suppressed opinions.

A much larger group of “Silent Members” have indicated support, but do not want their names made public because they fear that exposure would harm their prospects for employment, promotion or business. They will help, but silently.

All Saltbush members are concerned that climate-alarm policies promoted by most politicians are not based on sound science, and are already causing great damage to Australian industry, jobs and consumers.

Members include people with formal qualifications and experience in geology, physics, chemistry, meteorology, astronomy, climatology, spectroscopy, electromagnetic radiation, geophysics, geochemistry, land forms, sea levels, vulcanology, palynology, engineering, metallurgy, law, medicine, veterinary science, pharmacy, pathology, sociology, classics, economics, accounting, ecology, soil science, environmental science, carbon accounting, pollution control, mathematics, statistics, electronics, communications, computer science, modelling and forecasting. No longer can it be claimed that there is “no debate among scientists”.

Other members have been educated in the “University of Life” becoming tradesmen, business owners, farmers, orchardists, experts in pasture management and animal genetics, coping with the cycles of floods and droughts, and learning the importance of secure property rights. They have applied common sense reality to the debate.

Saltbush members include knights, Senators, MP’s, and those with such experiences as State Premier, cabinet ministers, mayors, company directors, corporate executives, international negotiators and senior state and federal public servants. We have ex-Army, Navy and Air Force officers, ex-CSIRO scientists, QC’s, barristers, solicitors, journalists, JP’s, bank managers, lay preachers, jackeroos, a bush nurse, charity workers, lecturers, professors, builders, developers, fitter-and-turners, boiler-makers, power station operators, explorers, inventors, entrepreneurs, mine managers, investment bankers, insurance specialists, defence analysts, poultry farmers, cattle and sheep breeders, educators, irrigators, fire fighters, sailors, pilots, philosophers, historians, bloggers, journalists, cartoonists and one wood sculptor. The rising tide of concern runs broad and deep.

Other members are experts in weather forecasting, cycles analysis, climate modelling, climate history, carbon accounting, computer modelling, electricity generation, electricity markets, clean coal technology, batteries, radiation, thermodynamics, atmospheric physics, astronomy, nuclear physics, turtle and reef restoration, oil spills, soil and water conservation, marine science, desalination, paleo-climates, stratigraphy, ice core analysis, volcanoes, the Great Barrier Reef, Antarctic exploration, statistics and industrial development. We have share analysts, stock brokers, landscape guardians, property rights defenders, environmentalists, tree lovers and wind farm developers. Many members have had papers and books published on climate science and related topics.

Our members have been honoured with OBE’s, Walkley awards, Churchill Fellowships, Rhodes Scholarships, Orders of Australia and Freedom awards, and have held high office in the public service, corporations, universities, Treasury, World Bank and IMF.

Despite this diversity in education, occupation and skills, members of the Saltbush Club are united in one thing – a deep concern that both sides of politics are supporting climate/energy policies that will provide no benefits for the environment but huge costs to consumers and employment prospects by damaging Australian industry with crippling power costs. NOT ONE of them has seen proof that man’s emissions of carbon dioxide can control global climate or will cause dangerous global warming.

They understand that the war on hydro-carbon fuels and grazing animals in Australia is not based on sound science, but is part of a broad international agenda designed to strengthen UN agencies, centralise decision making and weaken property rights with international rules and taxes.

They aim to change the climate of public opinion, thus changing the political agenda.

There is no consensus – it is time for a debate.

On behalf of the founders:

Jerry Ellis Chairman
Hugh Morgan
Jo Nova Media Director
Ian Plimer
Viv Forbes Executive Director

See a list of founding members here: https://saltbushclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/saltbush-founding-members.pdf

See a list of supporting members here: https://saltbushclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/saltbush-supporting-members.pdf

Here is a short selection of their skills: https://saltbushclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/saltbush-skills.pdf

A statement of Saltbush priorities here: https://saltbushclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/saltbush-priorities.pdf

Anthony Trollope on Saltbush, 1873

Anthony Trollope (1815–1882) was an English writer who authored 47 novels about politics, gender issues and many topical issues of the day. He visited Australia and travelled widely by horse, stagecoach, train and steamer, recording his adventures in his 1873 memoir, described by The Times as: “The best account of those colonies yet published.”Trollope was particularly intrigued by Australia’s salt-bush which he described thus:

The salt-bush itself is an ugly grey shrub, about 2 feet high, which seems to possess the power of bringing forth its foliage without moisture. This foliage is impregnated with salt, and both sheep and cattle will feed upon it and thrive. It is regarded as being a very safe food for sheep, because it rarely fails. But for miles – together over hundreds of square miles, salt-bush spreads itself and as long as that lives the sheep will not be starved.

Trollope, Anthony (1873). Australia and New Zealand. George Robertson, P. 473.

Thanks to John Happs.

The Saltbush Club (Carbon Sense Coalition) has a variety of members with diverse expertise and backgrounds. Such diversity is, of course, highly valued and respected by club members. Comments and suggestions made on this site will reflect this diversity, though not all members will agree with what is posted. This is one of the great things about living in a free, liberal democracy like Australia is (or should be). The Saltbush Club will continue to welcome contributions, unless they are considered to be defamatory, racist, or otherwise unlawful. The Club is not to be blamed if you happen to disagree with or be offended by what has been posted. If you consider that a post that has been published is defamatory, racist, unlawful or offensive, please contact The Executive Director at the following email address: forbes@saltbushclub.com Any electoral comment or content is authorised by Viv Forbes, 1907 Ipswich-Boonah Road Washpool Qld 4306.