New Video Reveals Netflix Faked Walrus Climate Deaths

Polar Bears mar the Attenborough Walrus Climate Story

A new video narrated by Canadian zoologist Dr. Susan Crockford provides new evidence that the 2019 Netflix documentary film ‘Our Planet’ is a “manipulative sham with no resemblance to reality.” The film showed walruses falling off a cliff in order to blame their deaths on climate change. Polar bears actually were the cause of walrus falling to their deaths from a Siberian cliff. A Russian photographer has released independent video of the event that clearly shows polar bears driving walrus over the cliff to their deaths. “Narrator Sir David Attenborough blamed the tragedy on climate change, insisting that lack of summer sea ice due to climate change was to blame for the walrus falling to their deaths without provocation.” Crockford said “Walrus hauling out on land during the summer are natural events that happen even when sea ice is available.”

“The Lancet” on Health and Climate Change: A Tale of Editorial Bias

By Professor Timothy Florin and Dr Wes Allen

The public has every right to expect that scientific medical journals should impartially quest after truth. However, even the respected journal, The Lancet, has difficulty with maintaining impartiality when it comes to the subject of climate change. Who would have expected this?

We lay before you a tail of apprehended bias by its Editor-in-Chief, supported by an impotent ombudsman. Continue reading ““The Lancet” on Health and Climate Change: A Tale of Editorial Bias”