Climate Change Stripped Bare

By Maurice Newman

Last July, the Prince of Wales warned global leaders they have ‘18 critical months’ to solve climate change and restore the balance of nature. This is the second such dire warning Prince Charles has given. In 2008 he forewarned, ‘the world faces a series of natural disasters within 18 months, unless urgent action is taken to save the rainforests’. Like his latest omen, the first was wildly exaggerated.

No doubt the prince is well-meaning. Perhaps, like millions of others who harbour Malthusian or guilt instincts, Prince Charles is naturally attracted to climate change hysteria.

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The Black List of Climate Sceptics

by Craig Rucker

People with the temerity to correct the record on climate change must be silenced.

That’s the outrageous point of a new study published in the journal Nature Communication.

“The time has arrived for professional journalists and editors to ameliorate the disproportionate attention given to (climate change contrarians) by focusing instead on career experts and relevant calls to action,” the authors said. Continue reading “The Black List of Climate Sceptics”

Ocean Thermal Expansion: In Theory and by a Simple Experiment

Abstract: Temperature changes in the ocean water masses affect the vertical height of the water column by expansion at heating and contraction at cooling. The surface change is a function of the amount of heating and the depth of heating (or cooling). A heating of 0.55 °C as observed for the upper 100 m of the ocean surface would correspond to a sea level expansion of 9 mm. A heating of 2.0 °C would rise a 300 m water column by +10 cm, a 100 m water column by +3.5 cm and a 10 m water column by +3.5 mm. At the shore there will be no rise at all, as there is no water to expand, and the offshore expansion will not flow laterally to the shore (Thermal Expansion, Encyclopedia of Coastal Science, 2017). We will demonstrate this with a simple physical experiment (communicating vessels), which can be repeated by anyone.

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Washington D.C. Conference Exposes ‘Climate Delusion’

By Tom Harris & Dr. Jay Lehr
03 Aug 2019

The new president of The Heartland Institute, Frank Lasee, was not exaggerating when he described the 13th International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC13) as “the most important climate change and energy event of the year.”

Speaking about the July 25 conference held at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., Lasee explained, “ICCC13 demonstrated that the Climate Delusion is not based on sound science or economics. It is wasting trillions of dollars and threatening our way of life, while propping up the drive for world socialism.”

This was a common theme throughout ICCC13. The Climate Delusion, relying on bad science and misguided economics, is damaging America and threatening the world. Continue reading “Washington D.C. Conference Exposes ‘Climate Delusion’”

The Climate Delusion

By Jay Lehr, Ph.D.

My life’s work has always centered around science education, regardless of the subject at hand.

In past times my work involved educating the public about the need for environ-mental protection, and I helped establish the Environmental Protection Agency in the Nixon years. We had dirty air and water and needed to clean it up.

A few years ago the public was in panic about a possible nuclear disaster caused by a tsunami off the coast of Japan. Preventing overreaction by politicians wanting to shut down nuclear power based on misinformation was a challenge for me. Continue reading “The Climate Delusion”

Educating Kids to Debate Alarming Climate Claims

Important new project provides videos and short non-technical issue briefs for students

By Paul Driessen

It’s time to challenge the steady diet of bias, false information and alarmism on climate change that students are fed in and outside of their classrooms. Science and public policy analyst Dr. David Wojick has launched an important new project to do exactly that.

From kindergarten onward, our young people are repeatedly told that they, our wildlife and our planet face unprecedented cataclysms from manmade climate change, resulting from our fossil fuel use. The science is settled, they are constantly hoodwinked, and little or no discussion is allowed in classrooms. Continue reading “Educating Kids to Debate Alarming Climate Claims”

Climatic Impacts of the Southwest Indian Ocean Blob

By Wyss Yim

The University of Hong Kong

Patches of abnormally hot seawater beneath the ocean surface referred to as Blobs are naturally generated by submarine volcanic eruptions. A recent example is the North Pacific Blob1 which caused weird weather conditions accompanied by major ecological changes in the Pacific northeast including two years without winters in 2013 and 20142. This was featured as a ‘heat wave’ in the September 2016 issue of National Geographic and was used to support the anthropogenic global warming alarm. However, based on the study of available information including satellite and ARGO data buoy records, the release of geothermal heat from the Nishinoshima volcanic eruption 940 km south of Tokyo3 from March 2013 to August 2015 was identified the culprit4,5. Continue reading “Climatic Impacts of the Southwest Indian Ocean Blob”

Brisbane too Hot to Handle?

By Viv Forbes

The warmist ABC recently trumpeted a forecast (from an unproven academic model) that global warming and urban heat will make Brisbane too hot for many residents within 30 years.

But what about people in Darwin and Cooktown right now – should they migrate to Brisbane?

australia map

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