Has Australia just had its Hottest Day Evah?

Maybe, but only if you ignore our history:


Read more on the 1896 heatwave:
http://mclean.ch/climate/docs/Aus_Heatwave_1896v2014.pdf [PDF, 360 KB]

And how to adjust the records:

https://www.theaustralian.com.au/science/bureau-of-meteorology-cooling-the-past-to-declare-record-heat/news-story/9f40e780eaf267471b35fd851f24b3fe [Paywall]


The Climate Debate Bellingham, Washington USA

By Karen & Marc Johnson

I just came across your web site. Here in the City Bellingham the politicians want to force us to not replace our Gas heat or Gas hot water tanks replacing them with all electric. Furthermore the city wants to force us to either cover 50% of our roof tops with solar PV or pay a higher utility bill to fund an off site location for a large solar PV site. All this in the name of human caused climate change.

I am reaching out to you for scientific data debunking this human caused climate change claim as the main cause of climate change. I want to use  information to educate citizens in my community to stop the rip off of the people and the political influence on science.

Sincerely, Karen & Marc Johnson Bellingham, Washington USA

The Counter Summit at the Failed COP25 in Madrid, Dec 2019

Skeptical Climate ‘Talking Points’ – 36 Page Report Released at UN Climate Summit in Madrid

Paper copies of the report were distributed at the UN Climate Summit in Madrid on December 10, 2019.

Read More:



More Water Bombers? No – Fight Fire with Fire.

By Viv Forbes

(Background: Australian Government promises A$11M for more flashy water bombers.)

In a furious firestorm with high winds, extreme temperature and big loads of dry fuel, water bombing is usually just wasting water and avgas. In hot winds, water will evaporate quickly, embers will start glowing and blowing, and soon the fire will be raging again.

And with few dams getting built, and much stored water released to irrigate the oceans, where will they get the water? Too often they will steal it from private dams, leaving even prudent landowners with inadequate water in a drought.

Water can extinguish house fires, and protect homes and towns, but is useless for raging forest fires. The only solution here is to fight fire with fire – back burning from the wide cleared tracks which should protect every park, forest and property.

Backburning with Fire-Lighters. Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/4623252/Australian-bushfires-inside-the-mind-of-an-arsonist.html

Continue reading “More Water Bombers? No – Fight Fire with Fire.”

Where were the “fire chiefs” when this bushfire epidemic was incubating?

By Roger Underwood

The sudden outcry in the media from “fire chiefs”, asserting that the current bushfire crisis is the result of climate change, begs an embarrassing question. Embarrassing for the “fire chiefs” that is.

“Where were you when the root cause of this crisis was being laid down in the bush over the last 20 years, while you were in charge?” Continue reading “Where were the “fire chiefs” when this bushfire epidemic was incubating?”

Pelosi, Casten, and Dems: Wasting Taxpayer Money at the Madrid Climate Conference

Originally published in Energy Central.

By Steve Goreham

Fourteen Democrat members of Congress have arrived at the United Nations Climate Conference in Madrid. Speaker Nancy Pelosi leads the US delegation, which includes Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island and Representative Sean Casten of Illinois. However, there is little evidence that the conference will have any effect on the climate, but Ms. Pelosi’s delegation will spend a lot of taxpayer money.

Speaker Pelosi describes the delegation and the conference as an effort to “combat the existential threat of our time: the climate crisis.” More than 25,000 attendees and 1,500 members of the media have joined the conference. Continue reading “Pelosi, Casten, and Dems: Wasting Taxpayer Money at the Madrid Climate Conference”

Bushfires in National Parks – the Peregian Fires

By John Mikkelsen, Noosa

The Noosa Mayor Tony Wellington blames “climate change” for the spate of fire emergencies recently facing our area and other parts of Queensland and New South Wales. (Courier Mail, November 18).

Cr Wellington makes no mention of the fact a number of the fires have been deliberately lit, or that climate change did not provide fire bugs with matches or cigarette lighters. Continue reading “Bushfires in National Parks – the Peregian Fires”

Hopefully, Lancet Personnel Know More about Medicine than They Know about Climate Science

By Dr. John Happs

A “Lancet Commission on Health and Climate Change” report was published in 2015, with 46 signatories contributing to a document that claimed:

To map out the impacts of climate change, and the necessary policy responses, in order to ensure the highest attainable standards of health for populations worldwide.”  Continue reading “Hopefully, Lancet Personnel Know More about Medicine than They Know about Climate Science”

Greens to Blame

By Viv Forbes

Congratulations to Graham Lloyd (Aus 12 Nov) for pointing out that Greens are responsible for the incendiary state of the Australian countryside.

And shame on those same Greens for continually riding their climate alarm hobby-horse.

There is nothing new about droughts, heatwaves or fires in Australia. What is unusual is the scale and ferocity of recent bushfires caused by Green worship of trees and locked up land, and their opposition to hazard reduction burn-offs. Continue reading “Greens to Blame”