Battery Baloney, Hydrogen Hype and Green Fairy Tales

By Viv Forbes

How low Australia has fallen – our once-great BHP now has a “Vice President for Climate”, the number of Australian students choosing physics at high school is collapsing, and our government opposes nuclear energy while pretending we can build and operate nuclear submarines.

Our Green politicians want: “No Coal, No Gas, No Nuclear” while Our ABC, Our CSIRO and Our Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) are telling us that wind and solar energy plus a bit of standby gas, plus heaps of batteries and new power lines can power our homes, industries AND the mass electrification of our vehicle fleet. This sounds like Australia’s very own great leap backwards?

There are two troublesome Green Energy Unions – the Solar Workers down tools every night and cloudy day, and the Turbine Crews stop work if winds are too weak or too strong. And wind droughts can last for days. The reliable Coal and Gas Crews spend sunny days playing cards, but are expected to keep their turbines revving up and down to keep stable power in the lines.

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When Climate Alarmism Enters The Courtroom And Climate Facts Are Left Outside

Dr John Happs

By Dr. John Happs

“Climate lawfare is now a well-established route to avoid the checks and balances of democratic legislation. It subverts the legal system of a country, often with the help of activist judges, to impose the ideological preferences of an elite of the climate industrial complex on wider society. The total number of climate change court cases is growing worldwide and has more than doubled since 2017 ….”

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Beyond Mad Max with Dystopian AI

By John Mikkelsen

The dystopian future predicted in the Mad Max movie franchise may be closer than ever and it won’t take World War 3 to make it a reality.

To me the only ones worth watching were the original and its sequel starring homegrown hero Mel Gibson. Those drab desert landscapes from Mad Max 2 on, were traversed by fast supercharged fossil fuel powered vehicles without a single EV on the horizon.

So while the Teslas pile up unwanted at Port Melbourne and sales of EVs are declining globally, they represent just the tip of the iceberg on which the Western world seems destined to founder in its mad rush to offset climate change “driven by CO2 emissions.”

The fact that climate always changes and it’s mainly driven by natural cyclical forces beyond our control, is overlooked by political leaders pushing the green dream of “renewable energy” focussed on the unreliable intermittent sources of solar and wind power.

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Climate Activists Are Wrong About Which Energy Source Reduces Air Pollution

By Steve Goreham

Originally published in the Washington Examiner.

Today’s media are filled with concerns about air pollution. But few people know which energy source has produced the greatest modern reduction in air pollution. The answer isn’t wind or solar energy.

During the 1950s, my grandfather had a coal furnace in his basement, like many homes in Chicago. Five days after a winter snowfall, the snow was covered with a visible black film of dust from coal furnaces. Our younger generation does not know the original reason for “spring cleaning.” Every spring, homeowners would wash their inside walls to remove coal dust.

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Climate Stupidity

By James T. Moodey

The specific gravity of carbon dioxide is 1.52 relative to dry air, and is the same weight as propane. It is even heavier in relation to our humid atmosphere, ranging around 1.61. It falls through the atmosphere about like a cotton seed. Wind can blow it upward, but it falls right back down. It acts like rainwater, seeking low points. We do not need to build pipelines to inject it into the ground. It sinks into to the ground all by itself.

Photosynthesis (CO2 + Sunlight + H2O) cannot exist without carbon dioxide. Photosynthesis uses sunlight to transform carbon dioxide into glucose and other organic compounds that make plants and it transforms water into oxygen which is exuded.

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The Carbon Capture Con

By Viv Forbes

Carbon-capture-and-underground-storage “(CCUS)” tops the list of silly schemes “to reduce man-made global warming”. The idea is to capture exhaust gases from power stations or cement plants, separate the CO2 from the other gases, compress it, pump it to the chosen burial site and force it underground into permeable rock formations. Then hope it never escapes.

An Australian mining company who should know better is hoping to appease green critics by proposing to bury the gas of life, CO2, deep in the sedimentary rocks of Australia’s Great Artesian Basin.

They have chosen the Precipice Sandstone for their carbon cemetery. However the chances of keeping CO2 gas confined in this porous sandstone are remote. This formation has a very large area of outcrop to the surface and gas will escape somewhere, so why bother forcing it into a jail with no roof?

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Winter Without Your Gasoline Car?

By Steve Goreham

Originally published in MasterResource.

January of this year brought near-zero temperatures to Chicago and other northern cites, producing an electric vehicle (EV) charging nightmare. National media showed images of owners pushing dead EVs around charging stations and waiting for hours to try to charge their vehicle. Drivers lucky enough to connect to a charger sat in their freezing-cold automobile, unable to run the heater while the car tried to charge. Nevertheless, the federal government and many states continue to push to eliminate gasoline vehicles.

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The Looming Electrical Power Shortage

By Steve Goreham

Originally published in Washington Examiner.

People in developed nations take abundant electricity for granted. When asked where electricity comes from, most will point to their wall outlet. But many states in the US are headed for a serious and prolonged shortage of electrical power not seen in decades, driven by rising demand from the artificial intelligence revolution and mandates to adopt green energy.

For 20 years, US electrical power policy has been dominated by efforts to try to “mitigate” global warming, believed to be caused by human greenhouse gas emissions. In 2021, President Joe Biden called for achieving a 100% carbon-free electric sector by 2035. Twenty-three states have enacted statues or issued executive orders to achieve Net Zero electricity generation by 2050.

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A Diesel in the Shed

By Viv Forbes

You can have your solar panels
              and your turbines on the hills;
You can use the warmth of sunshine
              to reduce your heating bills.

You can dream you’re self-sufficient
              as you weed your vegie bed;
As long as you make sure to keep
A diesel in the shed.

When I was a kid living on a small dairy farm in Queensland, we relied on green energy – horses and human muscles provided most motive power; fire-wood and beeswax candles supplied heat and light; a windmill pumped water and the sun provided solar energy for drying clothes and growing crops, vegies and pastures. The only “non-green” energy used was a bit of kerosene for the kitchen lamp and the dairy lantern, and petrol for a small Ford utility for a trip to town every fortnight.

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Laughs, lies and lights out

By John Mikkelsen

Oh the irony. Here I was reading our local Noosa newspaper last Saturday morning and laughing when the power started to blink off and on half a dozen times before finally cutting out completely and staying off for about five hours in our beachside suburb.

No lightning strike, no strong winds, just rain. Back to the newspaper and what I found unintentionally amusing – a long rambling letter from a local perpetual climate worrier attacking another correspondent for having the temerity and good sense to defend nuclear energy in the quest for “net zero”, then a regular column from Zero Emissions Noosa (ZEN) plugging its guide “ Rewiring Noosa – Electrify Everything”. This group, with the backing of our Noosa Shire Council, has far outdone even the most ambitious Green Dream Believers including the Minister for Climate Change and Energy Chris “Blackout’ Bowen, and his boss, PM Anthony (My Word is My Bond) Albanese.

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