What Supports Green Energy?

by Dr Matthew Fagan

Windmills are not in the State budget. They are not in the Federal budget. No foreign superpower is paying for them, no cartel of benign foreign investors is graciously fixing our previously adequate system. No.

We are paying for these windmills, without our knowledge. Billions a year. Even if they make no sense at all, no one cares – these uneconomic monsters are being subsidized to operate.

Look at the accounts of Hepburn Wind. Massively profitable and paid the world’s highest rates for electricity no one needs or wants. Still a single free windmill cannot be run at a profit so the owners are then then given another $800,000 cash a year just to exist.

The mechanism is the issuance by law and compulsory purchase of LGCs. Laughable Gobsmacking Great Carbon Tax credits just for generating power even if it is not sold. Most of $1 million cash per windmill per year just to exist, on top of what they are paid for the electricity if sold.

The same with lunchtime solar panels. In the end the owners get cash coming in for electricity no one wants or needs, dormitory suburbs where the people with solar panels are being paid cash by the people who do not have them, for electricity which is not wanted, needed or used. The electricity distribution system from high voltage to low voltage does not work backwards – high voltage industrial areas are not being fed by low voltage domestic supplies. When no one is home in a suburb, the payment for ‘free’ lunchtime power is insane.

But wait. There’s more. Soon we will have to pay for their batteries. The argument for doubling down on our wasted cash is that these systems are utterly useless and we should have known that.

So while we rail against the sheer stupidity of covering our landscapes and oceans with giant windmills, just remember who is paying for all this insanity.

Not the ‘government’. You are.

2 thoughts on “What Supports Green Energy?”

  1. Dr Fagan, Hepburn Wind actually has two wind turbines, not one. Otherwise I agree with everything you say.

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