The War on Carbon Fuels

What fuels power the planet?

Watts Up With That has produced a useful readable summary of energy consumption trends 1965 – 2017. This is the period covering the noisy war on carbon fuels and the massive subsidies and hype about wind and solar energy.

Here are the trends in the country that uses the most energy in the world – CHINA:

Another very revealing graph shows that the greater the proportion of renewable energy per capita, the higher the electricity cost.

Compiled from the graphs in the article, here is a snapshot of what energy powered our world in 2017:

COUNTRY CHIEF ENERGY SOURCES % Carbon Fuel vs % Renewables
China coal, oil, hydro,
US oil, gas, coal, nuclear 83-6
Europe oil, gas, coal, nuclear, hydro 75-9
Russia and satellites gas, oil, coal, hydro 87-0
Middle East oil, gas 99-0
India coal, oil 92-3
Central/Sth America oil, hydro, gas 69-8
Japan oil, gas, coal 90-5
Africa oil, gas, coal 91-1
Canada oil, hydro, gas 65-3
Germany oil, gas, coal, nuclear 79-14
France nuclear, oil, gas 53-5
Spain oil, gas, nuclear 75-12
UK oil, gas, nuclear 80-1
Norway hydro, oil, gas 31-1
Denmark oil, wind, gas 73-27
Australia oil, coal, gas 94-4
New Zealand oil, hydro, gas, geothermal 63-11

And the verdict in the war on carbon fuels? CARBON WON.

Read the full report here:

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