Stop Wasting our Dam Water

The Saltbush Club has accused state and federal governments of wasting water often desperately needed everywhere west of Australia’s Great Dividing Range. The “Saltbush Water Watch” has been established to monitor government action and inaction and report on priorities.

The Executive Director of the growing Saltbush Club, Mr Viv Forbes, said “From Adelaide to Longreach we have allowed green subversives to prevent new dam construction and to dictate the waste of water caught in existing dams.”

“Without water conservation the Murray-Darling would turn back into a string of disconnected waterholes every big drought. More reliable fresh water has benefited humans and nature all along the river.

“Luckily, Tim Flannery’s climate alarm forecast of endless drought has proved wrong, or this area of Australia would now be depopulated.

“The green activists behind the water waste are not pro-environment – they are anti-human.

“The Saltbush Club is in the process of setting up several “Watch Groups” to investigate, monitor and report on this political war on human activity. It has appointed Mr Ron Pike, “A Bushie from the Back of Barellan” to lead the Saltbush Water Watch.

“Ron has a lifetime of experience of farming, irrigation and politics in the Murray Darling Basin. He was the first farmer to use water from the Snowy Scheme to irrigate his farm in 1961.

Ron says:

“The food we eat, the water we drink and the power we use for most of our endeavours, are available only because previous generations invested their know-how and money for the future.

“It is time this generation did the same.”

Ron’s statement on behalf of the Saltbush Water Watch can be found here:

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  1. The entire developed world [not only Australia] need to wake up to what is being wrongly fed to the masses on climate change. The thing that the so called ‘experts’ on climate change do not tell people is that climate changes have been occurring for many thousands of years before man, before coal fired power stations , before the motor car, before industrialisation in fact before anything that has been invented by man that produces carbon dioxide.

    There is evidence right across the world that clearly shows what previous climate changes have done to shape our land and oceans and, Australia is not exempt by any means.

    Clearly there is an “unknown agenda” behind our climate change experts along with Governments to have people believe out planet is doomed if climate change can not be controlled. No man or government policy can control climate change.

    Let nature take its course as it has done for many thousands of years .

    1. I remember Tim Flannery when he kept a skull on his desk at the UNSW. I also have some parts of a skull on my desk. They are of a seventeen million year old crocodile that resided in northern NSW when the sea level was about 400 metres higher than at present. In the same region I know of the remains of 500 million year old crinoids (feather stars), more sea creatures.

      Whilst we are being warned about 40 centimetre sea level rise the background natural rise has been 400 metres. We need another King Canute to remind us that we cannot do much to hold back the sea, or make it rise.

    2. I suggest that the “unknown agenda” relates to nature trading and debt for nature swaps.

      A river that has been dammed is no longer a natural wilderness nature-asset that can be used as a financial instrument within the billionaire environmentalists’ nature-trading regime.

      If a country is unable to repay lenders’ money then they seize financial instruments based on wilderness water and then offer these at a lower cost to extinguish penalties imposed on polluters. In this way the lenders’ convert their environmental funny-money into actual dollars.

      Note that it is nonetheless possible that water stored in a dam and then released for environmental purposes may be designated as wonderful ethical water that could be associated with a financial instrument. Remember when the Snowy Mountains scheme was about to be sold about twenty years ago? I think it likely that the released dam water was to be used in nature trading, that is that the water would have been extremely valuable even though it would be excluded from any commercial or agricultural purpose. The attempt to sell the Snowy Mountains scheme was abandoned because the Howard Government inserted one of its own people into the Board of the organisation and therefore any of the aforementioned dodgy secret nature-trading became impossible.

  2. The Greens are making foolish decisions that can only lead to major problems for food and water supply for Australia in the not so distant future. Not to mention the many thousands of people put out of work due to their backward and, destructive policies. That’s when the Australian people will see the ruling party increase taxes on everything in a bid to gain additional revenue to reverse the damage created by a party that should be banned from operating as a political party in Australia [The Greens]

    Australia is a fast growing country – future policies should be centred around continued development for future generations not messing around with water supply. Greens politicians care nothing for future generations and never will.

    Everything the Greens have put forward to date can only end in disaster in which the tax payer will be slugged for – for many years to come.

    1. I assume I am replying here to Harry Roberts, not to the author of the Article – is that correct? Your comments are very relevant and extend also the inevitable growth of the world population which Australia will also be called upon to help nourish. This will of course be in our best interests since it will help us diplomatically and also provide income from the exports.

      There is no doubt the “Greens” is a misnomer if ever there was one, as is the left wing’s use of the word “progressive”. There have never been two political parties – Greens and the current Labor – whose individual and combined mantra scream regression to the historic past in economic and social terms, as there are in Australia today.

      BTW – did you come from Ennis Downs, Richmond?

  3. Throughout history, the prosperity of human populations have depended on water and to a very large extent the control of water. The enormous channels produced by the Romans with impressive and still standing aqueducts such as the Pont du Guard in the South of France bear testimony to the vital engineering provided by these and even more ancient civilizations. Human beings are part of the environment just as are the giant Pandas and Green turtles. People should learn from history and apply their new found knowledge from that study to the modern world.

    1. That is very true, today’s children – students are not taught History and the impact it makes to the present. The worst indoctrination TOY ever invented is the MOBILE-PHONE. Discipline, respect, manners and diligence seem to be foreign words. I got into trouble at about 7-8/y when hitler was in power, because I did not know how many MEDALS my father had, I was an outcast, I stood up and said “does it matter? he is my father”. at 9/y on the 29-april 1945 11 before the capitulation in Berlin we were rounded up for indoctination to fight for the FUEHRER & Fatherland, I refused with my school mate we were nearly had up except my mate brother saved us as he was older & in the hitler youth, gave us both a kick in the pants, promised the leader he would fix us. The point I’m making is that you have to think for yourself, maybe it was the person’s that I was able to live with, I did not Know what my fathers real ideas were; he was as a sports person outdoors it was organized by the socialist-cummunist fraternaty, as prior to that there was no Sport organisation for the public as it is today, so may be you inherit to think with facts, but only from drawing from the past History, my children now ask me what was it like during Hitlers Time, how many know when was GERMANY created, I’m compiling my knowledge now, its long, I’m proud to have helped to build this country!

  4. I generally agree with comments on lack of new Dams, but query the comment that the last Big Dam was 1973 Burdekin.

    The Wivenhoe Dam on the Brsbane River at 1,100 ML is a quite large dam and was built in the early 1980s, together with the 500 MW Wivenhoe pump storage scheme that now does not run much since the NEM etc changed system economics. Wivenhoe is mainly for Brisbane water supply as well as flood mitigation, with minor flow for Industrial.
    I was involved in Power station water supply and cooling for over 30 years. We now have 2 big dry cooled power plants in Qld due to lack of cooling. The Nathan Dam could supply a big wet cooled coal plant in Central Qld.

    Reply: You are correct Doug, Wivenhoe was built more recently but still 35 years ago.
    Viv Forbes

  5. Only by reading and comparing can you judge , but anyone must first taught the Basic , Math, Physic, Chemistry, Biology , facts of life, its all like a pyramid a wide base on a sound Foundation

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