Six Issues the Promoters of the Green New Deal Have Overlooked

By Jonathan DuHamel


Although the Earth’s climate has been changing for more than 4 billion years all by itself, we are now told that we can stop climate change simply by reducing carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels.

Ignorance-based plans such as the Green New Deal propose that we terminate electricity generation by fossil fuels and replace all of it with renewables such as wind and solar. Proponents of such plans have not considered the environmental nor economic implications.

“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” – Martin Luther King Jr. Continue reading “Six Issues the Promoters of the Green New Deal Have Overlooked”

Taking the Wind Out of Climate Change

Taking the Wind Out of Climate Change

The proponents of Climate Change insist that we are facing an imminent existential threat to our very existence. To prevent this catastrophe they assert that we must make immediate, impactful changes — particularly regarding our energy policies. The primary solution advocated by the major Climate Change advocates (e.g. the IPCC and the scientists comprising the so-called 97% consensus) is industrial wind energy. Continue reading “Taking the Wind Out of Climate Change”

Reality Check on Climate Change, Global Warming, Renewable Fuels, Green New Deal

By Glen Brown


Hydrocarbons are environmentally safe and can carry the energy load in the world, now and for centuries to come. The Green New Deal and Biden’s Energy 2020 Plan ignore the past failures in green energy and want to double down on those failures. These plans, if implemented, would take away our prosperity as a nation and raise family energy costs to unaffordable levels. Continue reading “Reality Check on Climate Change, Global Warming, Renewable Fuels, Green New Deal”

The Brick Generator

By Viv Forbes

The Australian Snowy 2 hydro scheme plans to use electricity to pump water up hill to get some of that energy back by running the water downhill again.

Some Australian mining companies are planning a dry version of Snowy 2 – a huge brick-powered battery using the force of gravity to drive a generator when solar and wind energy are on strike.

Continue reading “The Brick Generator”

Carbon Dioxide and the Oceans – temperature controls carbon dioxide, not the reverse.

71% of the earth’s surface is covered by water and large areas of the land are covered by frozen water. Water and water vapour are also significant components of the atmosphere.

The atmosphere and its trace component of carbon dioxide is a very thin skin in close contact with the surface of all of this water. Carbon dioxide is very soluble in water and Henry’s Law says that as the temperature of water changes the quantity of carbon dioxide dissolved in that water will change.

Thus if the sea surface temperature increases, carbon dioxide will be expelled to the atmosphere just like carbon dioxide bubbles are expelled from a warming beer. And as sea surface temperature falls, carbon dioxide will dissolve in the cooling water and this reduces the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Continue reading “Carbon Dioxide and the Oceans – temperature controls carbon dioxide, not the reverse.”


Electric vehicles might be okay for suburb hopping in big cities, but I doubt there is a farm in Australia that would be able to run without any petrol or diesel. The Greens’ calls to ‘rapidly transition to electric vehicles‘ for their net zero economy by 2035 shows they have no clue of the energy requirements in transport, industry and agriculture.

Following is Malcolm Robert’s speech to the Australian Senate:


By Dr John Happs

“The history of any one part of the Earth, like the life of a soldier, consists of long periods of boredom and short periods of terror.”

 Dr Derek Victor Ager, British paleontologist (1923-1993) in his book:  “The Nature of the Stratigraphical Record” (1973)

There are more species around today than at any other time in Earth’s history yet it is widely accepted that, of all biological species that have lived on Earth, more than 90% became extinct long before humans came along. Today, there is an acknowledged rate of ongoing extinctions called the background rate whereby species naturally disappear over time.


When Bushfire Destroyed the Town of Dwellingup

Here is a dramatization of the events surrounding the destruction of the town of Dwellingup in Western Australia in January 1961. It was written and narrated by Roger Underwood. Other voices are provided by professional actors. The stories are by real people, and are taken from Roger Underwood’s book Tempered by Fire.

It was broadcast as three episodes by Perth community radio station Capital Radio FM.

This is a unique production, with real people recalling real events in the real bushfire world. It also has some underlying messages. One of these is that the so-called “unprecedented weather” on the eastern seaboard last summer was nothing new in Australian history at all. Another is the futility of trying to control bushfires burning in heavy fuels under strong winds.

In case the links move too far down the list over time, here are the direct links to the audio files (approx. 15~20 min. each):

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Waiting for Wind

By Viv Forbes

Australia’s elected appeasers
Push mad energy plans, just as teasers.
But while coal powers Asians
And nukes help Caucasians
Dumb Aussies sit praying for breezes!

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Zero Emissions

By Viv Forbes

“Zero emissions” requires no diesel, petrol or gas-fuelled cars, trucks, tractors or dozers and no burning of coal or gas for electricity generation. But without nuclear power or a massive increase in hydro-electricity, green energy will not support metal refining or manufacturing, and domestic electricity usage will be rationed. “Zero emissions” will also force closure of most cement plants, mechanised farms and feed lots and will demand nuclear or wind-powered submarines, destroyers and bulk carriers. Continue reading “Zero Emissions”