Saltbush Solar Activity Watch Established

The Saltbush Club today announced the formation of the “Saltbush Solar Activity Watch” led by Mr David Archibald.

The Executive Director of Saltbush, Mr Viv Forbes, said it was obvious to everyone except school teachers, the ABC, the Greens and the leaders of CSIRO that the sun is the main driver of weather and climate on Earth.

“This giant ball of nuclear power in the sky beams solar radiation and exerts gravitational force on everything on earth.

“These two solar forces, radiant heat and gravity, control our world. Continue reading “Saltbush Solar Activity Watch Established”

Tsunami of Evidence

Another full moon, another associated high tide, another solar cycle of gravitational stresses on the Earth’s crust, another major sub-sea earthquake in Indonesia, another volcanic eruption as Krakatoa poured another toxic mix of stuff into the sky – and another tsunami.

And for every surface volcano, there are dozens of sub-sea eruptions pouring heat and chemicals into the sea.

There is a strong correlation in this sequence of natural events. Continue reading “Tsunami of Evidence”

The War on Carbon Fuels

What fuels power the planet?

Watts Up With That has produced a useful readable summary of energy consumption trends 1965 – 2017. This is the period covering the noisy war on carbon fuels and the massive subsidies and hype about wind and solar energy.

Here are the trends in the country that uses the most energy in the world – CHINA: Continue reading “The War on Carbon Fuels”

What Supports Green Energy?

by Dr Matthew Fagan

Windmills are not in the State budget. They are not in the Federal budget. No foreign superpower is paying for them, no cartel of benign foreign investors is graciously fixing our previously adequate system. No.

We are paying for these windmills, without our knowledge. Billions a year. Even if they make no sense at all, no one cares – these uneconomic monsters are being subsidized to operate.

Look at the accounts of Hepburn Wind. Massively profitable and paid the world’s highest rates for electricity no one needs or wants. Still a single free windmill cannot be run at a profit so the owners are then then given another $800,000 cash a year just to exist. Continue reading “What Supports Green Energy?”

Stop Wasting our Dam Water

The Saltbush Club has accused state and federal governments of wasting water often desperately needed everywhere west of Australia’s Great Dividing Range. The “Saltbush Water Watch” has been established to monitor government action and inaction and report on priorities.

The Executive Director of the growing Saltbush Club, Mr Viv Forbes, said “From Adelaide to Longreach we have allowed green subversives to prevent new dam construction and to dictate the waste of water caught in existing dams.”

“Without water conservation the Murray-Darling would turn back into a string of disconnected waterholes every big drought. More reliable fresh water has benefited humans and nature all along the river. Continue reading “Stop Wasting our Dam Water”

Electricity in Australia – Expensive, Unreliable and Getting Worse

How do electricity prices in Australia compare with USA?

“In a study by Alex Robson, released last week by the University of Sydney’s United States Studies Centre, comparisons are presented between energy costs in Australia and the US.

“The bottom line is that Australian households and businesses routinely pay two to three times as much as their US counterparts. Energy in the US also is more reliable and the pricing arrangements are more transparent.

“In the past decade, average power prices in Australia increased in real terms by about 70 per cent for households and businesses. In the US, real electricity prices for households stay­ed essentially flat; those for indus­trial users dropped by 10 per cent. When it comes to gas, the picture also is alarming. Australian manufacturers are being charged almost 50 per cent more in real terms than they were a decade ago, whereas manufacturers in the US are paying nearly two-thirds less. The average real price of gas also has fallen significantly for US households.”

As Robson sums up: “On electricity and gas price outcomes, the two economies have taken completely opposite paths.”

Source: Judith Sloan writing in The Australian Newspaper [Paywall]:

Report from the University of Sydney’s United States Studies Centre:

The report [PDF, 10 MB]:

Water Wasters

The Lifeblood of our Nation is Being Sucked Dry by Green Vampires.

By Ron Pike
December 2018

To View PDF version:

Not content with emptying most of the dams in the north of New South Wales under the pretext of maintaining “environmental flows”, and failing to store available water under the guise of “translucent flows,” the Green bureaucrats managing our lifeblood are now in the process of emptying our major dams in the south.

Hume Dam, the only dam on the Murray River and the major source of water for the whole Murray Valley, is now down to 40% of capacity (13th Dec 2018) and dropping rapidly.

Hume Dam

Continue reading “Water Wasters”

Trump was right about “raking” Finnish forests

Heavy machinery “rakes” Finland’s forest floors after tree cutting, greatly reducing fire risks

By Mikko Paunio

President Donald Trump was recently ridiculed for telling California Governor Jerry Brown that the Golden State should do as my country does. Trump critics laughed at what some called his “bizarre” claim that foresters in Finland “rake” areas that have been thinned or clear-cut, to remove leaves and other debris that could otherwise start conflagrations like the recent tragic fires in California.

The Washington Post spread similar misinformation. The Los Angeles Times carried an article by Finnish “green” journalist Anu Partanen. “Finland to President Trump: We don’t rake the forest floor, but we do other things you should emulate,” the headline read. Late night talk show hosts had more fun at the President’s expense.

Ironically, all this happened at just about the time that Finland’s own forest specialists declared that Mr. Trump was correct about what he told Governor Brown. The foresters disseminated that information widely to the Finnish media and public. Continue reading “Trump was right about “raking” Finnish forests”

The Hoax of ‘Climate Change’

By Allison Nichols

Obama knows. John Kerry knows. And Al Gore, the man who has made an enormous amount of money perpetuating the biggest hoax foisted on the human race, knows. Human-inspired “climate change” is a ruse. It is all a control-grabbing, land-grabbing, money-grabbing hoax. For instance, Al Gore, the king of carbon credits, whose home has a giant carbon footprint, and who flies all over the world in private jets, has raked in millions from his green investments and “sustainability research.” This, after preaching (An Inconvenient Truth) that fossil fuel is the culprit in “global warming.”

The real inconvenient truth is that the earth’s climate has been warming, cooling and dramatically changing since the beginning of time. How many of us know that Chinese sea captains reported melting ice caps as far back as 1434? Mega earthquakes and tsunamis as well as blizzards, raging fires, crippling droughts, powerful storms, horrific tornadoes and scorching heat waves have been around since antiquity. “Climate deniers,” as the alarmists so lovingly refer to us, do acknowledge changes in the climate, but most of us do not accept the premise that human activity the cause. Continue reading “The Hoax of ‘Climate Change’”

Come Clean on the UN COP24 Meeting in Poland

Come Clean on the UN COP24 Meeting in Poland.
By Viv Forbes

The Saltbush Club today called on the Morrison Government to come clean on what additional burdens for Australians are being discussed at COP24, the UN climate jamboree now taking place in Poland.

The Secretary of The Saltbush Club, Mr Viv Forbes of Australia, said that Australia will suffer badly from the destructive energy policies being promoted by the UN’s war on cheap, reliable hydro-carbon fuels.

“Like the Trump supporters in USA, Brexit in Britain, Solidarity in Poland, the Yellow Vests in France and the new Brazilian government we do not support the UN energy plans and we fear their hidden agenda. Continue reading “Come Clean on the UN COP24 Meeting in Poland”