Beneficiaries Of The Climate Fraud: Green Groups, Scientists And Politicians

By Dr. John Happs ~

Marcus Cicero (106–43 BCE) was a Roman lawyer, statesman, philosopher, skeptic and writer.

Cicero was also a senator who wanted a Republic that better served all the people. He was deeply involved in the political conflicts of Rome and questioned the motives behind a number of decisions made by some Roman politicians, asking the question “Cui bono” or “To whom is it a benefit?”

Marcus Cicero

Cicero was of the opinion that political decisions were often made to benefit the decision-makers and their friends rather than the people who they are meant to serve. Unfortunately his outspokenness ultimately led to his exile, from where he urged:

“If our voices are no longer heard in the Senate and in the Forum,
let us follow the example of the ancient sages and serve our country through our writings…”

Were Cicero alive today to witness the huge amounts of money that continue to fuel the climate change fraud, he would soon find the answer to his question: Cui bono.”

The low level of scientific literacy in the community has allowed vested interest groups to promote unfounded climate alarm until it gained enough traction to become an almost unstoppable force. This has happened despite the complete lack of empirical evidence to support the promotion of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming, aka climate change aka extreme or weird weather.

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