The $100 Million Selfie in Ukraine

By Cory Bernardi

Political virtue signalling is one thing but spending $100 million of our money on a selfie is inexcusable.

I’ve tried really hard to refrain from criticising the Albanese government. They’ve only been in the role for a few weeks and a lot of the problems they are encountering aren’t directly of their making.

Sure, they made things worse by pushing the former government to the Left but that’s their job. The real failing is with the Morrison team failing to stand their ground.

However there are areas that Albanese and his team need to be held to account because those decisions are entirely of their making.

One was the $100 million selfie opportunity he took this week.

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2021-2022 Tonga Volcanic Eruption and Record Rainfall in Eastern Australia and New Zealand

By Alvin Wong and Wyss Yim. Volcanoes Study Group, Hong Kong.


During late 2021, the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai submarine volcano erupted creating a new island which erupted sub-aerially on 15th January, 2022 sending a plume 58 km above sea level penetrating the mesosphere. The study of observation records including satellite data has revealed warming of the ocean-surface layer followed by atmospheric cooling caused by the release of geothermal heat and volcanic materials entering the atmosphere respectively. Environmental factors influencing weather include the development of a relatively ‘short’ life-span South Pacific Blob; the transfer of large quantities of water vapour from the ocean into the atmosphere; the low-pressure condition on the ocean surface; the formation of clouds; the reduction of solar radiation caused by volcanic materials in the atmosphere; the strengthening of trade winds; the meandering of jet streams; the development of atmospheric rivers, the additional cooling effect of torrential rainfall, and, the switch to La Niña conditions. The record rainfall in eastern Australia and New Zealand and Tropical Cyclone Dovi occurring in February 2022 were both outcomes of atmospheric cooling following the sub-aerial eruption. Continue reading “2021-2022 Tonga Volcanic Eruption and Record Rainfall in Eastern Australia and New Zealand”

Coal Fairy Tale

By Graham Pinn

The 2021 census for the first time reported on health, it revealed that 1 in 10 had a mental health problem. Surveys during the COVID period have shown that the young are particularly at risk, a risk compounded by the apocalyptic predictions of climate change. The combination of the two has undermined resilience and led to an increase in depression and suicidal attempts.

The news and social media, aided and abetted by “our ABC”, have contributed, there is also no doubt that climate negativity at school has been a factor, strongly influenced by both teachers and the curriculum. The newly announced intention of NSW and Victoria State Governments, to provide early learning from the ages of 3 or 4, increases that risk. My solution, parents should not be farming their children out at this age, instead tell them stories of hope and future promise.

The tale below, of the Princess Tricity and her salvation, is one for my grand-children. Continue reading “Coal Fairy Tale”