Man-Made Wildfires

by Viv Forbes

Carbon dioxide must be an almighty gas – it gets blamed for almost every human disaster.

Now we have the alarmist Climate Council blaming bushfires on carbon dioxide and global warming. Focussing on the wrong problem is doing more harm than good. It is disappointing to see respected firefighters like Greg Mullins now blaming “climate change” for more and worse bushfires, and now even promoting the misguided Climate Council.

We have heat waves, dry spells and bushfires in Australia every year – bushfires were burning all up the coast when Captain Cook sailed by in 1770.  But today we know what causes dangerous fires. It needs deliberate political mismanagement to create disastrous wild-fires which destroy everything – houses, sheds, fences, wildlife and mature trees.

A good wet season can result in nature building up a dangerously large fuel load. In the past this was usually removed safely by many small fires lit by lightning strikes, aboriginals, graziers or foresters. Today massive fuels loads are too often allowed to accumulate for more than one season in forests, reserves, parks and around suburbs. Then one match or spark on a windy day can produce massive fires.

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Today’s stupid green policies that discourage and prohibit burning-off, encourage the accumulation of bushfire fuel and exclude grazing animals from large areas of parks and reserves are making uncontrollable wildfires more common. Continue reading “Man-Made Wildfires”

The Green Gardens of Eden Totally Destroyed by BAD BUSHFIRE POLICY

By Anonymous

If a tree burns in a forest does anyone care?

1,000,000 hectares of land was burnt in the Central Queensland bushfires in November and December 2018.

To put that in the Qld Labor Party’s preferred unit of measurement – that’s 2 million Suncorp stadiums.

The majority of the area burnt was national park or in what is classified as “remnant” vegetation. “Remnant” vegetation is basically State-sanctioned national park on privately held land.

105 individual fires burnt from Mackay in the north through to Bundaberg in the south. That’s 600km of bush fires.

One fire burnt so intensely that it destroyed the Eungella National Park – a wet tropical rainforest. Scientists say it will take hundreds of years to regenerate. 1000’s of years of biodiversity – gone in a large, black, hot, plume of smoke.

The Premier of Queensland and her sycophant followers claimed that the fires were caused by climate change and had nothing to do with their ideologically driven vegetation and national park policies. Continue reading “The Green Gardens of Eden Totally Destroyed by BAD BUSHFIRE POLICY”

Bushfires and Climate Change

by Roger Underwood AM, Chairman of the Bushfire Front1

In a recent article in The West Australian newspaper, Murdoch University academic Dr Jatin Kala made the unequivocal statement that: “global warming caused by CO2 will cause extreme … bushfires.” A similar assertion was made by Queensland Premier Palaszczhuk in the wake of recent destructive fires in Queensland.

However, temperature is only one of the factors that influences bushfire behaviour, and its influence is negligible compared to that of wind strength and fuel dryness and quantity.

No firefighter fears a bushfire on a hot day. Even on a day of 40 degrees, a bushfire burning under light winds in light fuels (for example, bushland subject to fuel reduction burning less than 2-3 years ago) is relatively easy to control. On the other hand, even on a day of relatively mild temperature, a bushfire burning in heavy fuels under gale-force winds will be almost impossible to control. Continue reading “Bushfires and Climate Change”