Ad-free Media? No Such Thing

By Viv Forbes

There is no ad-free media.

Commercial media promotes goods, services, functions and political messages for those prepared to pay for this service.

The government-owned ABC also runs incessant ads. However, ABC ads promote the ABC, its own programs, and its black-red-green-rainbow political agenda. This agenda does not serve most of the net payers of tax who fund their propaganda.

Since the days of the gold rush and the wool boom Australia has relied on mining, grazing, farming, forestry and fishing. Then processing, refining and manufacturing industries were developed with our cheap reliable coal and hydro-powered electricity. We even built our own cars and lawn mowers.

But their ABC opposes our backbone industries and promotes the globalist agenda for expensive intermittent “green” electricity plus more electric vehicles. More demand for electricity, with intermittent and unreliable supply, means that blackouts are inevitable.

ABC also supports migrants, even those despising traditional Australian values. But it opposes expansion of the industries needed to support more consumers.

It promotes net zero energy but opposes net zero immigration. This is a recipe for more poverty for working people.

When the real danger to life on Earth is the next Ice Age, the ABC magnifies and twists every weather event into “evidence” of global warming, or their new scare story – “weird weather”. It worships models of doom and promotes eco-anxiety among children and childish adults.

And despite our emphatic “No” to the black Voice referendum, their ABC gives that favoured group a loud tax-payer funded Voice.

“Time’s Up” for the ABC. We should sell it for whatever it will bring.

Do it now – it will be worth less tomorrow.

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Viv Forbes has been listening to the ABC for over 70 years, since the days of Rus Tyson and “Blue Hills”. It was once the only station trusted for news, weather and rural news. But now he has even stopped watching “Landline” because it too has more ideology and propaganda than information. Only “Macca” holds a slim life-line to the old ABC.

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