Time to Punish the Big End

By Viv Forbes

18th October 2023

Australia’s Big End of Town gambled heavily in the Voice Cup last weekend.

They lost.

Only the Nanny “State” (Canberra) voted “Yes”. But their horse ran last in every other state and territory and now has to be put down.

This costly ($400M) and divisive exercise showed that Australians do not want politicians meddling with their federal constitution. We have learned to distrust proposals supported by big government, big business, trade unions, woke celebrities and the ABC. And the more we heard of this racist proposal, the less we liked it.

Heads should roll, salaries of responsible ministers should be capped and bonuses and pay rises for chief executives and board members should be scrapped for all companies that tried to interfere in the political process. Class actions may be launched.

Heading the “guilty and incompetent” list is QANTAS who even painted “YES” slogans on their aeroplanes promoting a political cause opposed by 60% of Australians. The whole QANTAS board should go (with no free stress counselling).

They were not alone – The Business Council, BHP, Rio, Wesfarmers, Telstra, the big banks, celebrities, sporting bodies and of course “Their ABC” joined the cacophony of unwelcome voices trying to divide Australia by race. It is obvious that a majority of big business customers, employees and shareholders voted “NO”. Customers should boycott these businesses, and shareholders should vote “NO” to their remuneration reports.

We do not want Two Countries or Two Flags – get that second flag off the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Our flag denotes Unity under the Southern Cross – the Black-and-Red flag incites political and racial division.

We do not want to suffer any more “Welcomes” to our own country, or any more invented place names. We do not want race-based treaties from either Albo or State Governments and Peter Dutton should forget forever his proposed Voice referendum No 2.

This should be the end of self-flagellation – this generation is not responsible for injuries done to or by some of our ancestors.

To divide Australians on the basis of skin colour or length of ancestry is more about politics than about justice. We are all Australians and constitutional changes that promote apartheid policies should be permanently rejected.

It is also obvious that most taxpayer-funded black bureaucracies have failed and should go the way of ATSIC and be abolished. Welfare should be determined by need, not by skin colour.

To create jobs in Northern Australia, the federal government should declare a tax holiday for all businesses based north of the Tropic of Capricorn. No more enquiries – just remove the shackles.

And despite having “native title” to far more land per head of population than most other Australians, many aboriginals live in degraded communal enclaves with poor community protection, especially for women and children. All Australians need individual freehold titles they can explore, develop or sell, not communal titles controlled by bureaucrats, academics and politicians.

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Viv Forbes has spent much his long life in grazing, exploration and mining in outback QLD and NT. He has visited mission stations and employed good aboriginal people. He learned first-hand how the Native Title Claimant Industry delays everything leaving everyone poorer except the lawyers on both sides.

3 thoughts on “Time to Punish the Big End”

  1. Greetings Viv.
    I recall seeing an early ABC black and white documentary that mentioned the tent embassy in Canberra was running out of money so the Australian communist party donated a hundred pounds. That could explain the black, red and yellow flag.

    The heads of all the aforementioned organisations knowingly put them at financial risk when they recognised aboriginal people’s as owning the land beneath them. Did any of them disclose this risk to their shareholders, electors and stakeholders? Did they intend to sign any financial instruments to secure any loans to recipient aboriginal financial organisations? When would PM Tony have told us? Would it have been a few seconds after the referendum announced his expected ‘Yes’ vote before anyone could react?

    Regarding your proposed ‘tax holiday’, Many years ago I contacted a former taxation minister to suggest a new tax regime for Australia. I said that All taxation within Australia should be abolished. Instead, we should have an export tax on anything that left Australia. The tax minister asked where revenue to operate government would be sourced. I replied that if Australia became tax-free then costs would probably fall to a third of what they are now and we would have full employment. It would be cheaper to manufacture within Australia than to import from countries that already have tax-free regions. We could impose a 60% tax on anything that left Australia and still be much cheaper to buy from than we are at present. The halls of Parliament House would be blocked by bags of foreign currency!

    The taxation minister was mysteriously replaced a month later, perhaps due to discussing my suggestion.

    Of course we realise that taxation is primarily about control of the citizens rather than raising money for government. We would be able to print our own money if Australia had not signed the Bretton Woods agreement initiated by HD White who received his instructions directly from Moscow, USSR. Australia’s Feds could lend money to the States at high enough interest required to absorb inflation. The revenue returned to the Feds could be spent on the States. A circular economy outside the control of the system that is bankrupting the USA. US Pres. W Wilson wrote that he had destroyed a great nation when he signed the act that created the US (not American, biggest shareholders outside USA) Federal (not Federal) Reserve (not reserve system, money printers) regime that Australia uses as its authority.

  2. Good News:
    More than 80 per cent of the votes at the Qantas AGM were against the airline’s remuneration report.
    Viv Forbes

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