By Cliff Reece

The above is what Prime Minister Albanese and Indigenous Affairs Minister Linda Burney and their colleagues in government and all the ‘Yes’ vote activists are telling us is the full extent of the Uluru Statement from the Heart. They are trying to deceive voters into thinking that this is the full statement that the Prime Minister has referred to on numerous occasions and promised to implement “in full”.

However, the real Uluru Statement from the Heart most definitely comprises 26 pages. It is titled ‘Document 14’ and starts on page 87 of a much larger series of documents and continues without a break and in exactly the same format and print font until page 112 – that’s 26 pages! The major heading on page 87 states: ‘ULURU STATEMENT FROM THE HEART. All the following 25 pages have sub-headings only. It is clearly one document.

Following these 26 pages there are additional notes, record of meetings etc. that are obviously attachments. These are the pages Albanese referred to in his radio interview with Neil Mitchell at 3AW. He also stated during that interview that he had not read any of these pages – only the poster! As amazing as that is, he also went on to ask “Why would I?” suggesting there is nothing of importance to read.

It’s as clear as crystal that the Uluru Statement comprises 26 pages with accompanying notes. It can be viewed on the Sky News Australia website. Most other websites only show the one-page summary.

Given that the wording on the first page of the 26-page document is exactly the same as that shown above in the poster, clearly what the government has done is to take the first page and pretty it up into a poster and then present that as the full statement.

The 26-page document was also provided on request under the Freedom of Information Act. They did not supply just one page – they supplied the entire document.

Claiming it is only one page is the height of deceit and is identical to the way totalitarian governments treat their citizens. Tell them what we want them to know – but nothing more! In this case it didn’t work, so now they have reverted to lies and cover-ups.

Remarkably, Albanese and his supporters continue to claim there is only one page. Also, two of the people most knowledgeable on this subject Professor Megan Davis and Pat Donovan who were actual co-authors of the Uluru Statement have just recently changed their story from telling people that the Uluru Statement was “a lot more than one page” to now saying it is only one page. And this is despite the fact that there is video footage of Megan Davis saying there are about 18 pages and Pat Donovan nodding her head in agreement.

Meanwhile, Indigenous Minister Linda Burney continues to ignore valid and simple questions in Parliament without any meaningful reprimand from the Speaker. Her colleagues take the same approach, quoting from the same prepared text instead of providing answers on the referendum’s details that most Australians want and are entitled to hear. After all, this is a public referendum!

And it doesn’t end there. While we have come to expect this type of arrogance and deceit from left-wing politicians and activists, it surprised many people that a well-known Sky News presenter and newspaper columnist Chris Kenny is also covering up for these shenanigans by claiming that the Uluru Statement is just one page.

Normally a very sensible commentator, Kenny wrote recently that the 25 pages that follow the first page used for the pretty poster are “background papers and meeting summaries.” That is simply untrue, you can check it for yourself. He also stated that Megan Davis’ choice of words “was poor”. No, Chris, her choice of words was quite explicit and repeated on several occasions.

Just how he can ignore all the evidence I’ve presented above and which Peta Credlin initially reported on Sky News is beyond belief. He and others have just blithely ignored the facts and then taken the view that we are all dumb enough to believe them.

Surprisingly, even left-wing commentator on the ABC’s Media Watch program, Paul Barry, offered a partial apology to Peta Credlin by stating that Facebook should not have blocked Peta’s editorial claiming it has 26 pages. He believes that Facebook should have labelled it “disputed”. That’s very big of you Paul, but how about you just admit she was right!? It’s not a disputed issue – it’s factual – there are 26 pages!

As you would expect, the ABC then quickly refuted Paul Barry’s statement and reinforced their view that there is only one page. How much longer do we have to wait until the ABC is financed by subscription only – just like Foxtel, Netflix and Stan? Millions of Australians never watch or listen to their programs because of their continuing and blatant biased reporting. I’m certainly one of them.

It’s really hard to come to terms with all the lies and deceitful conduct that is allowed to pass these days, often without any pushback from the general public. What ever happened to truth-telling?

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And if you are wondering what is the massive scope of this process, see here for the document [PDF, 2 MB]:


  1. I was expecting to read “Millions of Australians never watch or listen to Foxtel, Netflix or Stan because of their paywalls.” but no it really meant “Millions of Australians never watch or listen to ABC programs because of their continuing and blatant biased reporting. ”

    Just adding ‘ABC’ would avoid readers having to reread it.

    1. Greetings. The ABC could easily escape charges of bias by instituting a ‘free-for-all’ program to allow any elected politicians to present their own programs without the ABC’s help (other than technical assistance). Politicians and their parties ought to be able to invite their own audiences, ask themselves their own questions, chat amongst themselves etc. without the ABC stacking the audiences, stacking the presenters to outnumber those horrible non-politically-correct deplorables, vetting the questions, and moderating participants’ free speech. Imagine if politicians were allowed to say what THEY want!

      1. You can’t let politicians say what they want! Some might inadvertently tell the truth, and we can’t have that happening!

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