The Peak-Stupid Australian Budget

An open letter to the Prime Minister of Australia

Good Morning Prime Minister,

I have grave concerns over the long term damage that your Government is inflicting on our country and our manufacturing Industry.

I am going to now list for you three flows of money which are dictated by your Government to demonstrate quite simply that your budget has in fact reached the status of “peak stupid”.

Firstly consider the absolute torrent of taxpayers’ money busy building “renewables”.  This torrent has many constituent streams including the clean energy finance organisation and similar where taxpayers’ money is given/loaned cheaply to rent seekers so they can build their wind turbines, solar farms and batteries.  This is highly inflationary! 

Another renewables constituent stream is Snowy Hydro 2.0 – which is a bottomless pit for taxpayers and Anthony Albanese you don’t even know how much it will cost!  It will be over $10,000,000,000 and is highly inflationary!

The third renewables constituent stream is the flood of taxpayers’ money building new transmission lines to bring the electricity generated by renewables to the market.  Again, at least another $10,000,000,000 and highly inflationary!

The next lot of money we need to focus on is the large amount of cash currently being milked from Australian citizens and manufacturers by increased electricity costs.  This is caused primarily by your Government’s environmental policies and those of the Liberals before you.  Liddell’s closure confirms this fact – as does the reality that Latrobe Valley Brown coal costs only 20c/GJ to generate electricity and even NSW and Qld Black coal is half the price of gas – and all coals can be used to generate electricity way cheaper than a renewables grid.  This particular flow of cash is being robbed from the citizens by your Government and given to the rent seekers and your friends in the Business Council of Australia. Your increased electricity costs are highly inflationary!

The third flow of cash is that which you will now rob from the citizens’ taxes and give to low income Australians to help pay the horrendous electricity bills.  We are starting to feel like big old Shoalhaven Holsteins here Anthony Albanese – to be milked morning and night!  This “initiative” whereby your policies have caused the high electricity prices and now you take even more of our taxes to help people cope is indeed peak stupid Anthony Albanese!

The matters I have listed above are a huge concern for all Australians but hidden behind it is a trend that is even more sinister.

That trend is that of full on Socialism and Government control of every aspect of people’s lives – that we see from almost every policy of your Government and which the three flows of cash listed above confirm.

Socialism may well still be fashionable in the circles you move in Anthony Albanese but to the majority of Australians it is completely abhorrent.  We are a Nation of free people and independent thinkers! We know all about Venezuela and all the other failed Socialist states, mate!

You need to either get with the program Anthony Albanese and start working for the people – or stand down and let responsible administrators run the Government to stop you destroying our Nation.

Please read the link below and think about your mates in the banks, Blackrock and the Business Council of Australia.

Thank you and best regards,

Ian Waters.

2 thoughts on “The Peak-Stupid Australian Budget”

  1. I see the electricity price reduction ( was it $275 per household) promised by Albo in the lead up to the election has come to fruition. One minor problem is that it’s not a reduction, it’s a 30% increase! One bright commentator said from SA; “lucky we’ve got renewables otherwise it would have been at lot worse.” He failed to see that the State with one of the highest renewables penetration SA, also will receive one of the largest increases. The delusional madness continues unabated; will the sheep wake up? Doubtful, they are not hurting enough yet.

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