Living in the Latter Days

How to Defend Australia

By Viv Forbes

Australians are living in the latter days of the Anglo/American Empire.

For centuries now, world power centres have been moving west – from Mongolia, to Europe, to Britain, to North America, and now Asia beckons.

The Anglo/American Empire today resembles the decadent dying days of Rome. Europe is becoming a green energy wasteland, the British Empire died with Churchill, and America has dodderers and adolescents in charge. Australia plans to defend the outback with battery-powered Bushmasters (good for battlefields with plenty of power points). The new defence minister has restored “rainbow morning teas” (banned by Peter Dutton). And an Australian iron oligarch and green hydrogen speculator, Andrew Forrest, aims to de-power Xi Jinping by inviting him to the latest Climate Summit.

Every chapter of history ends with a flood of barbarians.

Australia has not yet seen the campfires of an invading army – but our wealth and our powerful friends have bred a dangerous complacency in this fat lazy land.

Green Dreamers.

Australians have always been sustained by hunter-gatherers, farmers and miners.

Our farmers and miners produced wool booms, gold rushes, silver booms, coal bonanzas, and a cornucopia of meat and butter, iron and steel, oil and gas, copper, lead, zinc, nickel, aluminium, lithium, cobalt, manganese and uranium. But now green dreamers think we can afford to destroy our processing and manufacturing industry with solar/wind dreams, shut the gate on mining and exploration, and turn farms, forests and grassland into industry-free world-heritage and first-nations wilderness.

We must Learn from History

The Comrade Societies have mastered one thing – conscripting all their resources to construct colossal war machines. And naive democracies are easily lulled into inaction by paper treaties such as the Munich Pact of 1938 signed by Hitler, Mussolini, Chamberlain and Daladier.

In November 1938, just after the signing of the Munich Pact, John Curtin (Leader of the Labor Party in the Australian Parliament, and later Prime Minister), made this statement:

“. . I say that any increase in defence expenditure appears to be an entirely unjustifiable and hysterical piece of panic propaganda.” Source: Hansard, p. 1095, Nov 2, 1938.

Just ten months later, in September 1939, Germany attacked Poland. Then Japan attacked the US base at Pearl Harbour in 1941. By 1942, the British Navy had lost their prized battleships “Prince of Wales” and “Repulse”, Singapore had fallen, Darwin had been bombed and Japanese troops crested the Owen Stanley Ranges and looked across the shallow sea to Australia. Surrender of Australia north of “The Brisbane Line” was discussed.

Then US General Douglas Macarthur came to Brisbane with something far better than treaties – trained men and weapons.

We must Use and Defend our Land.

Of the billions of people who live in the Asia/Pacific region, less than one percent are Australian. Australia has enormous natural assets with identified but undeveloped resources of uranium, oil shale, green metals, coal, timber, sea foods and gas. Our only real title to this land is our willingness to use it and our ability to defend it.

Australia is surrounded by a marvellous moat – we need bayonets on the beaches, eagles in the sky, killer whales on the seas and lots of savage piranha underneath.

And we need an armed population. John Howard needs to be forever condemned for disarming honest people and then destroying all those guns. One day we will need them. (Only honest people surrender their arms when ordered to – gangsters keep them.)

In 1181, Henry 1 made it obligatory for EVERY able bodied man to keep arms, and America won the war of independence with armed militia. In the early days of WW2 the British trained with shotguns and broomsticks and Churchill pleaded with America for arms. Yet Australia pretends we have decades of time for labour unions to build our own submarines and some politician felt secure enough to scrap and bury 23 old but airworthy F111 aircraft at Swanbank in Queensland.

Politicians love costly high-tech stuff. But numbers play a key role in any battle. Thousands of armed drones controlled by scattered individuals may be more effective than one massively expensive high-tech fighter plane. Soon a sailor with a rocket in a row boat may be able to threaten an aircraft carrier.

Fuel and Ammunition.

If today’s Australia was involved in an armed engagement we would rapidly exhaust fuel and ammunition supplies. For these there are only two options – make it here, or store it here. It is too late to look for it even one day after a war starts.

Source: David Archibald:

Australian politicians have “solved” the looming fuel famine – they negotiated to buy stored crude oil. But we will need a very long fuel delivery hose because these stocks are in America, and part of the US strategic stockpile. And is anyone keeping an eye on what Biden is doing with that oil?

Military Manpower.

Australia at war would soon face a manpower crisis. We cannot find people to harvest our food, so the flat-white brigade is unlikely to line up for military service. Hopefully we can rely on bikie gangs to step up? (They can probably bring their own guns.)

The cadet movement has been a valuable prep-school for recruitment and training for the armed services since 1903.  But it has been gutted. Gough Whitlam disbanded the cadet corps in 1975 and since then it has been a political plaything. Judging from its web site, it is now a toughened-up girl guides unit.

Officialdom has also been largely hostile to rifle clubs which teach small arms skills, the Army Reserve is just a plaything, and today’s youth are told it is wrong to fight, no matter how provoked.

Timid Tim was taught
“It is wrong to fight,”
But Roaring Bill who killed him,
Thought it was all right.

Undoubtedly there is a place for women in our armed forces, but NOT in mixed-sex units where some men are likely to be either over-protective or over-amorous to the female members. The US Marines studied it and Israel tried it:

An Aussie Amazon Battalion armed with machine pistols and lasers could be a formidable force, but no bi-sexual platoons thanks.

A Ripe Juicy Melon

Russia and China recently signed a defence alliance. Will we take notice when they are joined by Iran and North Korea, or even Turkey, Afghanistan, Argentina, Syria or Pakistan?

Australia is a ripe juicy melon defended by a small population, many of whom are chatting on social media, basking at the beach, or drinking in the pub. We waste resources in pointless climate wars, pacifists infect our Parliaments and Green politicians want to slash defence spending by 50%.

We need international friends and allies. The recent treaty with Japan and the AUKUS treaty are worthwhile, and good relations with Indonesia are essential.

But when the chips are down, we will have to defend ourselves. That will require tough troops, with big guns, little guns, motor fuels, ammunition, ships and planes, allies and treaties.

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Viv Forbes was founding secretary of the Queensland Branch of the Australia Defence Association in 1980. He has seen peacetime military service in the School Cadet Corps, in 11 National Service Battalion and then spent several years part-time in the Queensland University Regiment (infantry, signals, transport, intelligence and armoury).

4 thoughts on “Living in the Latter Days”

  1. Trade wars, commenced by enemy nations during the nineties, when badly managed, greedy, apathetic, Australia Inc became hooked on exporting raw materials, energy, closing down manufacturing, and importing cheap goods from enemy nations.
    Australia more than any nation, is helping build up enemy nations and their militaries, by prostituting our raw materials and exports.
    Western Govt’s are mislead and deceived by free world self serving Top Of Town entities.
    Enemy nations are celebrating to extent of starting military wars much earlier than was planned for the mid 2020’s, such has been our democratic economic gluttony, reliance on exporting raw materials and energy to the enemy, plus science and knowledge to the value of many trillions of dollars over decades of bad management.
    Enemy nations are not grateful at all, for the west helping them for decades.
    They have no respect for democratic nations, and western govt’s are so naïve
    that they do not know that the enemy hates us, to the point of starting global wars.
    No western governments are told that “real trade wars” are the fastest, and lowest cost method to prevent wars. Western govt’s have no idea how to enact a “real trade war”, in order to save millions of human lives, and how to manage a peaceful sustainable world.
    Western Top of Town tell govt’s the opposite, driven by self interest and greed.
    It is all about the money and greed! It is not about sustainable peace.
    Govt’s are mislead and deceived.

  2. Our biggest problem, which you allude to, is our complacency and tendency to ignore the experiences of other countries. We are also saddled with a raft of mindless fools in parliament. The present energy crisis is all of their own making, we have the fuel – all types – and we should be the envy of all others with cheap reliable power generation which would spill off into vast investment for heavy industry – stable reliable power, just what industry needs.

    Instead we are following blindly like Lemmings down the solar and wind disastrous route, believing the fraudulent theory of global warming, without consideration of the current mess in the UK and Europe and other countries. What mindless arrogance our dumkopf (good word, I learnt it when I worked in Germany) leaders have to think that they can make solar and wind work when the industrial and scientific might of the UK and Germany and indeed the USA have collectively failed miserably, and cost their countries a astronomically large fortune! They must all believe in Mandrake the Magician!

  3. We need coal! Without base power we are finished a third world country. No windmills, no solar panels without it we have absolutely nothing. But the Australian government never listen to us people!!

  4. Viv, I couldn’t have said it better. The problem in my view is that the “democratic” West in particular now have a majority of politicians driven by greed (money). Their concern is their pockets primarily, and therefore “their” country is no longer their major concern. As a result they make decisions for their short term benefit, not to the benefit of their country. Anyone in good business does detailed analysis of projects before commencement. Since when does our government do this, what has happened to our energy supplies in Australia is a prime example; we were told repeatedly that renewable power was cheaper, while the truth is it cannot be. A simple cost benefit analysis would have told them this.
    Unfortunately the —- is going to have to hit the fan before many wake up, by then it may be too late for the Australia we all want.

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