Vote Green for More Blackouts

Vote  ALP/Green  for more  Blackouts and more  WASTED WATER

Saltbush Advice on Election Eve

By Viv Forbes

For ages now in SE Queensland, it has been cloudy, rainy and largely windless. No sun electrifies the solar panels, intermittent winds play with the prayer wheels, and backup batteries are going flat. For just a while on some afternoons, wind and solar produce a trickle of power. Gas and hydro try to help, but none of these can bear the whole power supply load.

But even on these gloomy days, our electric lights, fridge, stove, battery chargers and water pumps work. And down in the city (even on still nights) trains, traffic lights, fuel pumps, cold stores, hospitals and lifts keep working.

Check how this magic occurs:
OpenNEM: Queensland

When all else fails in the sunshine state, COAL KEEPS THE LIGHTS ON.

Those promoting “More Green energy” and their Millionaire Mates are supporting “More Blackouts”.

Consider carefully this comment from the one who wishes to be our next Prime Minister:

Build More Dams

Since the days of Joseph in ancient Egypt, droughts have periodically rationed water and food supplies for humans and wildlife. Sensible peoples store water, but it is about 40 years since Australians built a big dam – young Aussie engineers have no damn experience.

Even beavers build dams and weirs to provide long-term wetlands and food supplies along rivers. Dams also moderate floods downstream.

Australia’s Green/ALP/ABC cabal thinks that floods are caused by carbon dioxide, but farmers know that it is La Nina that brings rains and floods to Eastern Australia.

Right now, La Nina flood-water is pouring down rivers like the Herbert, Burdekin, Pioneer, Fitzroy, Dawson, Mary, Maroochy, Condamine, Bremer, Brisbane, Richmond, Clarence, Macleay, Goulburn, Snowy and the mighty Murray-Darling. And our few dams and weirs are now spilling too much water.

But climate cycles will change and El Nino droughts like “Federation” and “Millennium” will come again.

When that happens, we will again find rivers dry, wetlands parched, crops desiccated and water rationed because we did not store enough La Nina water.

Those same Green/ALP voices have been raised against every new dam proposal.  Dams are needed now, while La Nina brings flooding rains to Australia, and will also be needed when El Nino brings the droughts again.

Further Reading:

Floods in Queensland are Nothing New:

Responsibility for any electoral comment (but not for the floods or the blackouts) is taken by Viv Forbes, Ipswich-Boonah Road, Washpool, Qld, Australia.

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