Time to Vote for Change in Australia

by Viv Forbes of the Saltbush Club

Australian politicians have drifted a long way to the left since the days of Robert Menzies and Arthur Fadden. Starting with Gough Whitlam, Malcolm Fraser, Don Chipp and Bob Brown, there has developed a monotonous uniformity in main-stream Australian politics.

Over the years, a green slime has infected all major parties – they now differ in details but not in principle. This greening of politics has reached the stage when a politician like Malcolm Turnbull has trouble deciding whether to join the Greens, the ALP or the Leafy-green Liberals.

The green revolution started with support for preserving cuddly wild-life, then progressed to “No-Dams”, “Lock-the Gate” and “Save-the Reef”.

Then they added “global warming” to their political agenda. When global temperatures did not obey their scary narrative, they first fiddled the figures, and then changed the slogan to “climate alarm” and added “wild weather”. This all morphed into a political crusade to “kill coal, cars and cattle”. This was pushed along by Saint Greta with her extinction rebellion and Sir David with his green planet. All these prophecies of doom are designed to panic people into supporting a deep-green anti-industry mind set. Even their “Build-back-better” means “Build-back-green”.

Then the Covid scare created a Brave New World controlled by a National Cabinet armed with never-ending jabs and a lock-down/track-and-trace mentality. They have learned that most people can be locked down, spied upon and rationed. Climate and energy lockdowns are now discussed behind green doors. There is now little difference in principle between Liberals, Labor and Greens – they all promote emissions targets, climate alarm and endless green slogans.

Bowing continually to UN dictates and constant ABC/Greens/Climate Council propaganda, their Net Zero policies have multiplied electricity costs, harmed processing and manufacturing industries while defacing our grasslands, farms and forests with wind towers, solar “farms”, access tracks and spider webs of power lines that carry no power for much of the time. Now they propose to pollute our coastal waters with these unnecessary and unreliable industrial monstrosities.

It is time to VOTE FOR REAL CHANGE – use the power of preferential voting to break Lib/Lab/Green Power by ranking all parties and candidates and put the greenest last.

Check out Topher Field on how to use Preferential Voting to get the best candidate elected:

Libs and ALP are both on the nose. It looks unlikely that either of them will hold a majority of seats. But if voters are not disciplined in how they vote, a bunch of deep greens posing as independents will grab enough seats to hold the balance of power. They will naturally support a radical Green/ALP coalition.

However, with thoughtful and disciplined behaviour at the ballot box (for BOTH Senate and House of Reps) we can stop this green revolution.

First job – identify the worst candidates and parties. Preference them last on both House of Reps and Senate ballot papers when you vote.

The most dangerous candidates in this election are The Sneaky Greens – they pose as “independents” but are being supported by climate crazy millionaires and, if elected, will re-appear in their deep green uniforms. Unless you know better, put all “independents”, Climate 200 and Get-Up supported candidates last.

Have a look here to see what they plan:

Just above them put the declared Greens and their allies in the ALP. Then select all Liberals above all of the Green/ALP alliance.

Then focus on who should get your top votes. Choose your numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 etc candidates from the Freedom-Friendly-Minor-Parties giving preference to whoever you like from the parties below:

  • Campbell Newman, Topher Field and the Liberal Democrats
  • Pauline Hanson, George Christensen and the PHON Candidates
  • Clive Palmer, Craig Kelly and United Australia Candidates
  • Bob Katter and Katter Australia Party
  • Barnaby Joyce, Matt Canavan and National Party Candidates
    Bob Day and Family First Candidates

Number every square all the way down to Unknowns and the climate crazy “independents”.

For the Senate (which may have a large complicated white ballot paper) it is safer and easier to number every square above the line, using the same party ranking rules as above.

It requires discipline and dedication to save Australia at this late stage.

Further Reading:

Topher Field on Political Financing:

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Fifteen years is too long for a coal mine approval process. How ALP/Greens try to destroy Australia’s coal industry:

Responsibility for electoral comment here is taken by Viv Forbes, Ipswich-Boonah Road, Washpool, Qld, Australia.
He grew up in the Menzies era, was once a member of the Liberal Party, and has led Senate Teams for two different Freedom-Friendly-Minor-Parties. He is not currently a member of any political party, nor a candidate in the coming election. He has studied politics and economics at the University of Queensland and economics at the Foundation for Economic Education in New York.

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