The Red Line of Death

Earth is suffering a plant food crisis. The climate crazies will make it worse:

2 thoughts on “The Red Line of Death”

  1. Great video – but the red line of death is exaggerated.
    It is clear from the graph that CO2 decline had flattened – and one paper suggests that plant photosynthesis would have been OK for perhaps 100My before hitting the red line.
    A more honest argument is that the recent increase in atmospheric CO2 is stimulating plant growth globally.

    1. Maybe.
      But we have distracted by stupid climate science. We don’t know what causes cooling and we
      don’t have a clue of predicting when we enter next glaciational period.
      I tend to think it will be more than 500 years, but it’s just a guess.
      And speed of cooling, seems to me as gradual- but just a guess.
      With all noise of earth somehow become like Venus- that puts up road blocks to any serious
      effort to understand global climate. And it’s over funded, so citizen might assume some degree
      proper effort is being done.

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