This is a follow-up book by Dr. John Happs. It further exposes the questionable behaviour of the political/ideological Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), its United Nations supporters and those who stand to benefit from the continued promotion of climate alarmism.

The book looks closely at the way in which respected organisations, such as NASA, and celebrities such as Sir David Attenborough have pedalled climate pseudoscience and alarmism to their many followers. We now know that many of our school teachers are shamelessly promoting climate fear in the minds of trusting children.

Most criticism is levelled at those Green zealots who have worked assiduously to prevent the widespread use of DDT and Golden Rice at the cost of millions of lives in developing countries. In Australia Green activists have opposed prescribed burning in our forests, leading to the accumulation of understorey fuel, catastrophic bushfires and the loss of property and lives. At the same time, they foolishly blame anthropogenic global warming for bushfires, floods and drought.

Australian supporters of the website can obtain copies of Climate Change: How Politics and Self-Interests Have Debased Science, directly from the author, for the special price of twenty-five dollars ($25). This includes postage within Australia.

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