“Human Induced Climate Change” – Fraud of the 21st Century

By Dick Reaney

This is a huge and a very complex subject. The literature surrounding climate change is enormous, diffuse and profoundly contradictory. The reason; climate scientists have not exactly been lily white in their recording and reporting of information. A considerable amount of data has been distorted or altered to give them the results they desire.

My approach to this subject is factual and as accurate as my research has allowed in several years of study. The last forty years have seen massive multinational scientific studies costing millions of dollars. The scientific backing for the Global Warming scare comes from climate science, not politicians. Climate science is a weak science. The atmosphere is chaotic and difficult to define with scientific theories. Many of these studies attempt to predict the future of the climate and to quantify the effects of change on the world’s populations. The effects of Carbon Dioxide are speculative and influenced by ideological biases of the various scientists. This then produces strong elements attempting to enforce uniformity of opinion. The climate scientific community now say there is ‘consensus’ among scientists supporting anthropological climate change. This is a nonsense. In science there is no such thing. Either the scientific evidence proves the hypothesis or it doesn’t. The opinion of the scientists is irrelevant without factual and repeatable evidence.

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4 thoughts on ““Human Induced Climate Change” – Fraud of the 21st Century”

  1. Archived temperature data is nowhere a match with the 1988-1997 Global Average Surface Temperatures published by NASA, NOAA, CRU East Anglia and British Met Office.
    Global Warmth In ’88 Is Found To Set a Record
    By Philip Shabecoff, Special To the New York Times Feb. 4, 1989
    One of the scientists, Dr. James E. Hansen of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Institute for Space Studies in Manhattan, said he used the 30-year period 1950-1980, when the average global temperature was 59 degrees Fahrenheit, as a base to determine temperature variations. He said his readings showed that the average global temperature rose about as much since the base period as it did from the 1880’s to the base period – about half a degree in both cases. He stressed that these were estimates and that it would take millions of measurements to reach an accurate global average….1880 at 58.5o degrees Fahrenheit?…..Please!
    Tom Karl published a graph in the NOAA 1997 report showing the 1900 temperature at 61.5o degrees!

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