Much Ado About Methane

Dr John Happs

By Dr. John Happs

It would appear that climate alarmists and associated vested interest groups might have decided that an increasing number of politicians and members of the public no longer see the trivial amounts of atmospheric carbon dioxide as having much of a role to play in our ever-changing climate and the weather extremes the planet has always experienced.

This realisation might have dawned on them after 26 pointless Conferences of the Parties (COPS), during which thousands of hypocritical delegates flew hundreds of private jets to locations around the world to achieve absolutely nothing. Despite those many COP talk-fests, most developed nations have shown no inclination to reduce their industrial activity and lower their standards of living. Developing nations, including India, China and Indonesia have flatly refused to do so.

If it was carbon dioxide emission reductions the climate alarmists were seeking, the result from all that wasted taxpayer money on the 26 COP meetings appears to have delivered the exact opposite:

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