Where is today’s additional atmospheric carbon dioxide coming from?

By Andrew Kenny

We need to be careful. Climate alarm is nonsense. The idea that rising CO2 will cause dangerous change is nonsense. Actually, it will have no [significant] effect on the climate but a wonderful effect on plant life.

But the recent rise in CO2 (since about 1850) is because of man burning fossil fuels. (It is not because of volcanoes.) We can see that by the fact the extra CO2 contains no C14. We can also see that in the graphs of temperatures and CO2 levels over the last ten thousand years. We must not only accept that but be proud of it. Rising CO2 has done the planet a power of good.

CO2 certainly is a GHG. But above about 150 ppm its warming effect is miniscule. Or at least we thought it was miniscule until the recent Wijngarden-Happer paper showed it has no effect at all. [They might have said “almost no effect”] This theory explains that there is no correlation between CO2 and global temps over the last 550 million years (except for a negative correlation during the ice ages).

South Africa in spring. In 2021, Earth’s climate is as wonderful as it ever has been.
Switzerland in winter. With the sun going into a phase of reduced sun spot activity the climate may be getting colder.


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