The Last COP-Out

By Viv Forbes

For 26 futile years, the net-zero maniacs have wasted fuel, energy and taxpayer’s money to bite the hands that provide their food, energy, welfare and public sector jobs.

Led by EU and AUKUS dreamers, they destroy reliable energy from coal, oil, nuclear, gas and hydro while forcing us to subsidise net-negative dreams like solar, wind, wave-power, CCUS, hot rocks, pumped hydro and hydrogen. All such speculative ventures should be funded by speculators, not taxpayers.

COP-Out-26 illustrates to the realists of China, Russia, India and Brazil that the West has lost its marbles and is in terminal decline. For Scott Morrison to surrender Australia to these green wolves betrays an army of miners, farmers, truckies and workers in primary, secondary and tertiary industries that support him and his Canberra pack.

The fakery of COP-Out-26 is well illustrated by the provision of diesel generators to recharge the batteries of 26 electric cars provided for show in Glasgow. But that’s OK “because the diesels are run on recycled chip fat”. Horses and covered wagons would be more reliable and appropriate and dried horse manure could cook their fake meat on their green, chip-fired barbeques.

Neither EU nor AUKUS green dreamers can run their world on energy plans drafted by neurotic school girls, clueless Princes, deluded accountants like Ross Garnaut or serial climate alarmists like David Attenborough.

China loves Net-Zero, using its growing coal power to manufacture the wind turbines, solar panels, electric engines and rare earth batteries for the Woke-World.

But the subsidy tap feeding green energy development in the Western world will run dry. Fake energy will fade away leaving a continent of jobless people with silent mills, refineries and factories. Our land will be littered with derelict windmills, decaying solar panels, dead batteries and sagging transmission lines to be cleaned up in order to restore our land to productive grasslands, crops and forests. Those huge concrete bases of abandoned wind towers will become permanent obstacles to restoration of this land.

Next we will see digital carbon-credit cards designed by green academics to ration our energy and food usage to achieve their Net-Zero Nirvana.

A bleak future beckons.

Scott Morrison and his team should boycott this final futile COP-Out-26.

Barnaby Joyce should hang his head in shame – I know that he knows better.

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10 thoughts on “The Last COP-Out”

  1. Viv
    Unfortunately all you say is true.
    We will just have to accept concrete wind tower foundations as man made rock. As for the rest, a complete mess.
    Morrison, and all the rest of them, are led by polls not genuine convictions. Really disappointing.

  2. Viv
    I hope people will have a look at rhe site and their comments on the error in the summary report on the latest IPCC report. Makes interesting reading.

    Listening to the ABC and BBC, every storm, bushfire, flood etc is automatically blamed on manmade climate change. The interviewers never ask the academic experts what the proof of this is. No mention usually of the effects of deforestation, overbuilding, lack of undergrowth clearing etc. I’m afraid the new religion is becoming unstoppable.
    Bob Bell retired geologist.

    1. Hi Bob
      Long way from CSG in the Surat?
      The reason they never ask an expert is because CSIRO tells them what to do

  3. I recently read the future of EV’s described thus; Imagine a cold day in Chicago, Moscow, Beijing, or Montreal in mid winter when the temperature is around -30C. An otherwise innocently inconvenient situation occurs – someone’s EV batteries go flat on a freeway or there is the inevitable fog-induced pile-up.
    We all know what happens when that happens in the fast lane – at the very least traffic builds up behind the stalled car (more likely there’ll be a 50 car pile-up.) So everyone log-jammed on the freeway in their EV sits in their car with the heater on. Pretty soon their batteries are flat too, and soon after that they are dead – frozen stiff.
    Now even if, miraculously, the original broken down car is towed off the freeway, how are you going to get 5,000 EV’s with flat batteries (and a frozen corpse) moving again? You can’t just run along and pour a gallon of electricity into them to get them moving, can you?
    A similar scenario awaits those in say, Dubai or Baghdad, or Lagos, where summer temperatures regularly and routinely run at around 45C for several months a year.
    And that is the reason why there is absolutely no future for EV’s.
    In five years the great EV revolution will be nothing but the butt of stand-up comedians’ jokes.

  4. What exactly is COP 26? It is the 26th time the parties to the UNFCCC (UN Framework Convention on Climate Change)have met. The first time was in Berlin in March 1995. So after 26 annual meetings, what has it achieved? Nothing.
    Atmospheric CO2 continues to climb faster than temperatures, and each of the dire predictions of approaching climate catastrophe have failed to happen, so their predictions are consistent at least. Just like the many predictions from the IPCC from the 1970s onwards, which have warned us of climate tipping points being just ten or twelve years ahead, and when nothing happens the claims are repeated, louder. These claims are based on IPCC climate models which consistently predict catastrophic warming which does not happen. Strangely, unlike the story of the boy who cried wolf, western governments keep listening and reacting to these threats as if they were real.
    China, India and many non-western countries on the other hand, are opening more and more coal mines and building more and more new, clean coal fired power stations; pollution free, but still pouring CO2 into the atmosphere. Could it be that the IPCC has made a mistake and that human CO2 emissions are not causing global warming and if they are not doing that, they can’t be causing climate change?

  5. Thanks, Viv. Thank you for another excellent article. It goes without saying that we generally agree with your opinions. We suspect that you are as disappointed as we are, with the apparent lack of intellectual common sense and political leadership, in the western world. I have just spoken to the spokesman for the Citizens Party in Brisbane. After qualifying their platforms I discovered that they are anti-America and childishly pro-Communist Chinese. We think that salvation or defeat, re western values, will arise or fall in the USA. The “Make America Great Again, AGAIN” is in our opinion, our last hope. Trumpists are anathema to misguided elitists who have an investment in the Washington Deep State and the corruption manifested in the MSM.
    We can appreciate Chinese and Russian geopolitical self-interest. What we cannot appreciate is the placing of those interests over USA interests. There is a political psychopathic mentality in the swamp. We believe it will take a civil war to clean house.

  6. Barnarby Joyce is a politician first. He is no different than all politicians that crave power over substance.
    The Australian Loukas has succumbed to the global lie and any reasoning of truth and empirical fact analysis. The Australian public has become lazy, less self reliant and complicit in these political decisions. They are bereft of Reality Leadership and are victims of a repeating lie.
    Until someone, anyone stands up with a statesman like leadership our Australian future is bleak and will be at the behest of the global powerhouse China. It is a global threat equal to that of WW2 and there is no Churchill a true statesman to protect us.
    Please ordinary Australians stand up for our children’s future.

  7. Thanks for the article Viv,
    The situation for sceptics has deteriorated with the Liberals embracing Net Zero and The Australian changing tack.
    The Liberals have always run with the hare and chased with the hounds on Climate. They’ve probably cornered much of the Climate sceptic vote that way.
    Cory Bernadi pointed out recently the depressing effect (for sceptics) of our voting system where all votes ultimately end up with Red or Blue Team. In other words voting for vehemently sceptical minor parties won’t make much difference.
    What can we do to make a difference?

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