Villian or Hero: CO2 Beats Net Zero – John Robertson

Villian or Hero: CO2 Beats Net Zero: The True Story of CO2, by John Robertson.

The message of this book is that atmospheric CO2 is, on balance, very good for Mankind and for Nature.

We should have more of it. A hero indeed! Young David defeats huge Goliath. Net Zero CO2 by 2050 is, in my opinion, an idiotic aim which will, because it contradicts the real world, collapse long before its due date. Demonizing CO2 is just as mad and even more harmful than the 16 th , 17 th , and 18 th century villainy of hanging, drowning, or burning countless thousands of defenceless old women because they were deemed to be ‘witches’ blamed for bad weather and bad harvests. The consensus of those times (embodied in Acts of Parliament and enforced by the Courts) was that killing witches would reduce extreme weather. The precautionary principle of the day dictated that, although there was no shred of evidence, it was good to kill thousands of ‘witches’, just in case some accusations might be true.

Read the complete document: [PDF, 3 MB]

2 thoughts on “Villian or Hero: CO2 Beats Net Zero – John Robertson”

  1. I skimmed through your report, and noticed almost all charts ended with 2020. Of course 2021 is not over yet, so 2020 data are the latest available. You must not realize that real data have nothing to do with predictions of a coming climate change crisis, now called a climate emergency.

    That so-called climate emergency is always coming IN THE FUTURE. No data are available for the future, of course, so you get to make up whatever numbers you like.

    It’s useful to have a computer model. You program the model to predict whatever you want to predict. But the prediction must assume the climate can only get worse, to get media attention. It’s very helpful to claim: “it’s even worse than we thought”.

    The imaginary coming climate crisis is always coming … but never arrives !

    But seriously now:
    The only facts missing from your report, or maybe I missed them, is explaining that not one person lives in the global average temperature. If people are ever harmed by the climate change, it will be by their local climate.

    Also, people have lived with actual global warming since 1975. It has been mild and harmless. That fact is never discussed.

    One reason is that the most warming since 1975 was in the Northern half of the Northern hemisphere, mainly during the coldest six months of the year and mainly at night. Think of warmer winter nights in the Arctic.

    During each of those 45 years of mild global warming, predictions were made for rapid, dangerous global warming … that we have been patiently waiting for . The predictions began with oceanographer Roger Revelle in 1957, so we have been waiting for the past 64 years!

    Those predictions were obviously wrong, but they never stop.
    And debate on the subject of climate predictions never starts.
    Ask questions, and you are character attacked.
    To leftists, that is “debate”.

    We love global warming here in Michigan, USA, and were disappointed that the first half of 2021 was unusually cool.

    Richard Greene
    Bingham Farms, Michigan

  2. Thank you Richard. You are right of course – I have dealt only with existing facts and not predictions. Hopefully the detail of the book, (e.g. references to Michael Schellenberger, Patrick Moore and Tony Heller) cover quite a number of the dramatic doom predictions which have already proved quite false.
    I think you live at about 700 m altitude, we here on Tamborine Mountain in Queensland are at 600 m. It makers a substantial difference to temperature and a bit of global warming would not go amiss. In Australia every year the death rate in hot summer(including the 2019 bushfires) is about 2,500 per week but this rises to 3,000 per week in cold winter.

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