Time for Employees and Shareholders of Resource Companies to “FIGHT BACK”

The oil, gas and resource industry in Australia has shown itself to be pathetic in the face of criticism. Board room responses to virtuous criticism are ridiculous self-destructive woke company policies, even though the employees work hard to produce essential goods. They run advertisements showing wind turbines or solar panels which could never provide the power required for their operations but, apparently, reality doesn’t matter. The electrical power generation industry is different in that it’s focus is to co-opt politicians to force consumers to subsidise uneconomic inefficient intermittent unreliable renewable energy schemes.

Politicians, but for a very small number, lack a backbone and are readily captured by nonsense rather than stick up for Australia and the community at large. Perhaps I’m wrong and they actually believe all the “global warming/climate change” and “green energy” nonsense and think it’s worth destroying the economy to get their own warm inner glow. Parties.

Every now and then someone actually stands up to the nonsense. Northface an outdoor clothing manufacturer, in a virtue signalling exercise, criticized the oil and gas industry, going so far as implement a product boycott on one company. Here is a response from Chris Wright CEO of Liberty Oilfield Services.

If only we had more company CEOs with a spine, and more politicians who acted in the best interests of Australia.

Andrew Chapman
Victoria, Australia

Additional information: https://www.bizjournals.com/denver/news/2021/03/22/colorado-oil-gas-north-face-sustainability-flap.html

One thought on “Time for Employees and Shareholders of Resource Companies to “FIGHT BACK””

  1. Use the Corporations Act. If activists force companies to act against their own interests then declare those activists to be shadow and de facto directors. Make them responsible.

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